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Pregnant Sex

Your mission: to stay intimate amid all the stellar explosions.


When I was asked to write about sex during pregnancy, I was thrilled. What a great service I could provide, I surmised, especially since I’d already been down that road twice. Now if only I could remember what having sex was like. I’m kidding. Your sex life will continue but, like the rest of your life, it will change. While pregnant sex varies from couple to couple, here’s what I hear most often.

Month 1: On the launch pad
She’s glowing, you’re dazed. In short, you’re both too overwhelmed to be very lustful. So don’t be surprised if there’s more tenderness than anything else. Also, lethargy, nausea and vomiting aren’t turn-ons for anyone.

Month 2: Countdown
So much for the sexual layoff. You’ve begun calculating just how long it’s been. To compound matters, her breasts have begun to grow at an alarming rate. (The rest of her body has yet to catch up.) You feel deprived and suddenly married to Dolly Parton, all at the same time.

Month 3: Start your engines
Her morning sickness is beginning to give way to horniness, which may lead to some pretty athletic sex. (Slightly sobering note: If any bleeding occurs, no intercourse until she has consulted her doctor.)

Month 4: Blastoff
Fasten your seat belts. Her libido is beginning to bloom, and she starts having sex dreams. Most often they don’t include you, but why should you mind if a fantasy paramour inspires her to jump you?

Month 5: Decaying orbit
Oops. The same hormonal rushes that increase sexual desire also provoke mood swings. Expect to be in the doghouse for a variety of transgressions: folding your socks wrong, forgetting to pass the ketchup, getting her pregnant in the first place.



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