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Promises Promises

Right now, you’re super-motivated to make positive, lasting changes in your life. Meeting those goals (and sticking with them) is the tricky part. Here’s how to keep your vows—for your whole family’s sake.


Goal #6 Create a Calm & Happy Home

Why it’s important: 

“Once you become a mother, you’re overwhelmed in many ways, and having serene and cheerful surroundings can help you feel more peaceful and reflect that back to your baby,” says Gia Russo, co-founder of the design brand MiGi and lifestyle website

Make it happen: 

In month six or so of your pregnancy, get rid of clutter by having a garage sale or donating unused items. When redecorating, Russo recommends using the most effective (and least expensive) way to create emotion: color. “We tend to use spring greens, yellows,

pinks and shades of blues, even orange—it’s a very happy and cheerful color that’s trendy for nurseries,” says Russo. Bright lighting and plenty of fresh air also work wonders, she adds.

Keep it going: 

Think long term when buying furniture, Russo suggests. “Instead of a changing table, consider a dresser with a changing-table top

that you can remove later,” she says.

And make your own bedroom into a place of refuge: “Try to fit in a small upholstered chair where you can put your feet up and read.”

As your baby grows, don’t let toys or other clutter take over your home. “Baskets are great for staying organized,” Russo says. Use

plastic or canvas bins that stack or sit in closets or on bookshelves.

Goal #7 Minimize Worry & Anxiety

Why it’s important: 

“Studies show that the mind really does create our reality,” says psychotherapist Mike Dow. That’s the reason for the “placebo effect.”

Make it happen: 

“Remind yourself that by believing in your health and the health of your baby, you are [helping yourself ] have the best pregnancy and delivery possible,” Dow says. Feeling that you’re OK also decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is cardiotoxic and wreaks havoc on mother and fetus alike, Dow adds. If you’re a worrier by nature, focus on the statistics: The great majority of babies are born healthy.

Keep it going: 

Remember to make your own wellbeing a priority. “You can’t take care of another human being without taking care of yourself,” says Dow. “So give yourself the freedom to believe that by doing something ‘selfish’—a walk, a massage, a dinner with friends—you are actually being selfless.”

Dow also recommends making a concerted effort to “turn down” worry, especially the what-if-somethingbad- happens variety. And instead of succumbing to anxiety during stressful times with your baby, remind yourself of similar situations you’ve survived (labor,

anyone?) and remember that this, too, shall pass.


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