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Relationship Survival Tips for New Parents

Six ways to get ready for parenthood.

We all have a tendency to think doing things our way is the best way but before you strap on your supermom cape, teach your partner your tricks for  bathing baby, perfecting a swaddle and dusting the house in record time before you resent him for not helping out enough.

Make a list of your household-related chores and baby duties and begin doing the work now, so that you’ve got a routine started before the big day. If you can swing it, try booking a cleaning service for the first month or so (or ask for it as a shower gift!) to get a break from household chores and save yourself a silly argument or two.

Once you have the baby, change up your jobs every so often to make sure you’re both comfortable doing each task and be sure to thank each other for a job well done. Check in every so often to see what’s working and if you need to make any adjustments to your routine.


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