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Relationship Survival Tips for New Parents

Six ways to get ready for parenthood.

It may feel taboo to discuss your postpartum sex life, but it’s an extremely important conversation to have before you’re up to your knees in diapers. Although neither of you will know exactly what to expect in that department for the first few months after giving birth, discuss your concerns and fears before any resentment has a chance to seep in.

Having sex may be the last thing on your mind to do with a precious few minutes of free time, but try to find ways to communicate that and come up with a solution that will make you both happy. Mark down an evening alone on your calendar (in pen!) and take it slow to really enjoy your alone time together. If you aren’t ready to go for it just yet, a few romantic gestures every now and then to remind your partner that you’re still attracted to each other will go a long way.

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