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Relationship Survival Tips for New Parents

Six ways to get ready for parenthood.

You may or may not have thought about your baby budget before conceiving, but getting it all down in detail will help solidify your finances and allow you to get a good grasp on everything.

Ask yourselves exactly what your spending habits are, especially when it comes to nonessential items, and focus on what you can live without. Talking money can be overwhelming for a couple but if you break it into small segments from diapers to life insurance you should be able to paint a clear, and less scary, picture of your future.

Instead of going out and spending money for a sitter, take advantage of the new parents in your birthing classes or breastfeeding seminars and get together with your babies to socialize and swap stories. You’ll feel less stressed and more comfortable with parents going through the same things as you are and if you’re lucky, your kids will have a group of playmates from the very beginning.

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