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So, Uber Drivers Won't Pick Up Women in Labor Now?

Forget epidurals and contractions: THIS might be every city preggo’s worst labor and delivery nightmare.

Chrissy Teigen is Making Her Junk Food Cravings Less Junky

The model found a healthier way to satisfy her pregnancy junk food cravings—and we’re totally copying it.

'Baby Brain' Might Actually Make You Smarter

Remember this the next time you pour coffee in your cereal.

Would You Play Your Baby Music Through Your Vag?

Introducing Babypod, a new, up-close-and-very-personal way for moms to introduce their unborn babies to music.

CrossFit Star Lindsey Valenzuela Reveals Plans for a Fit Pregnancy

The uber-fit athlete says her training this year will be unlike what she's done in the past—but will it be safe?

Jana Kramer Talks Touring While Pregnant: ‘It’s Hard!’

Country music star Jana Kramerhasn’t let pregnancy slow her down. So it’s no surprise she plans to take her newborn on tour later this year!

Introducing the First Pregnancy Test on a Phone

Peeing on a stick? There's now an app for that.

Is This the Scariest Baby Announcement of all Time?

Just when we thought we had seen every pregnancy announcement we could see… This came along.

The Verdict Is In: The Birth Control Pill Does Not Cause Birth Defects

This is great news for moms who got pregnant while on the pill (it happens!), but there may still be some precautions to take.

Couple Tweets Mind-Blowing Home Birth Story

Marco Rogers and Aniyia Williams welcomed their daughter, Noemi, in the comfort of their own home … and to the amazement of their Twitter followers.

Some Surprising News About Heart Disease During Pregnancy

Heart disease in pregnancy is more common than you think. Here's what can put you at risk.

Have a Yeast Infection? You’ll Want to Avoid This

A new study is lending support to long-standing concerns that one yeast infection drug may not be safe during pregnancy.

Tortillas May Hold the Key to Healthier Pregnancies

As if we needed a reason to eat more tacos.
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