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Hit 'Em With a Baby One More Time! Watch (& Love) this Epic Britney Parody

Oops, she's pregnant again! Calling all the Britney Spears fans: this mom's pregnancy reveal video's gone viral for a reason.

10 Maternity Photos Every Mom-to-Be Should Take

Sure, you'll be camera-happy once the baby is born, but don't forget to add a few great pregnancy shots to the mix.

7 Dreamy Things To Do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives

Life shouldn't be ALL about your birth plan right now.

The 8 Coolest Places to Give Birth in America

These health and birthing centers are some of the best places to have a baby in the U.S. Are you giving birth in an A-list hospital?

7 Hottest Babymoon Destinations of 2015

Book a suite and settle in with your partner for one (last?) romantic hurrah. These are our top spots for a pre-baby getaway this year.

9 Ways to Stay Cool for a Healthier Baby

Science links hotter air temps to adverse birth outcomes. If you need an excuse to station yourself in front of the AC, this is it.

Another Reason to Choose Vaginal Birth (If You Can)

Most of the time they're life-saving, but if you can choose, here's why scientists say C-sections should be avoided if possible.

This is Who You Really Want in the Delivery Room

Nurses, and doulas, and midwives, oh my! Use this guide to decide who to keep in (and who to keep out) of your birth room.

Do This to Slash Your Gestational Diabetes Risk

Making time to do this simple exercise could mean a healthier pregnancy and baby.

5 Things to Know About Lyme Disease & Pregnancy

News flash: Ticks will be out in huge numbers this summer and this holds more risk for expectant women. Here's how to stay safe.

Is Fracking Harming Your Baby? Study Says Maybe.

New research links the controversial drilling practice to low birth weights. Here's what you can do to keep your baby a healthy size.

Mom Body Comic Tells Pregnancy Like it Is

Wondering what is up with your body these days? Forget the clichés and horror stories—this is what really happens.

Nonprofit Loses "No Pregnancy in the Workplace" Lawsuit

Good news: One mom-to-be contests workplace policy that discriminates against pregnant women, and wins.

You've Got Yourself a Breech Baby: Now What?

So your baby's right side up? Don't worry, Mama, there's plenty you can do to ensure you have a happy, healthy birth.
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