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College Fires Star Professor for Being Unmarried and Pregnant

Coty Richardson was in good standing at Northwest Christian University, until she became pregnant. Now she's suing them.

FDA Slams Kim Kardashian for Misleading Morning Sickness Pill Endorsement

The government's stern warning comes after the reality star failed to outline side-effects of anti-morning sickness med Diclegis.

It's Official: Here's the Latest You Should Start Trying for a Baby, According to Science

Wondering how age affects your fertility? A study calculates when exactly you should be giving baby-making your best shot.

Couple Goes for 4D Ultrasound, Gets Shock of Their Life

Would this make you change your mind about getting a novelty ultrasound, too?

Dad Who Revealed Wife's Pregnancy Shares Heartbreaking News

The unconventional pregnancy reveal seen round the world had a sad ending, popular vloggers Sam and Nia announce.

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet (Again) with Pregnant Nude Selfie

The star takes to Instagram to explain why she's had enough of pregnancy body shaming. And we agree with her.

10 Preg-Friendly Desserts That Are Secretly Healthy

These treats taste uhhh-mazing AND are loaded plenty of nutrients to nourish your growing sweetie. We won't tell if you won't.

Military Wives, Take Note: Risk of Pregnancy Problems Rises When Spouse Is Deployed

A new study finds a connection between wives whose husbands are overseas and stress-related prenatal and postnatal outcomes.

This Woman's Family Shamed Her Pregnant Body. So She Showed it to the World.

The latest photo series from The Honest Body Project proves that all bumps are beautiful. No matter what.

This Husband Tells His Wife She's Pregnant. (Yep, You Read That Right)

Is it even possible for your husband to find out about your pregnancy before you do? Suuure is.

Bad News: Drinking & Conceiving Don't Mix

If you're guilty of drinking & conceiving (aren't we all?), new research says you might want to switch to seltzer even before your ovulation day. Here's why.

Trying to Conceive? You Might Want to Ditch the Microwave Popcorn

New research shows that a couple's exposure to toxic chemicals in a number of everyday items could have a negative effect on your child's health—even when they're still just an eye-twinkle.

Time-Lapse Pregnancy Announcement Video Captivates Thousands

Check out how this dad-to-be put pencil to paper to share the news of his wife's pregnancy in the most creative way possible.

Your Weekly Ugh: Yet Another Pregnant Woman is Criticized For Keeping Fit

Haters pressure pregnant Michelle Bridges, of The Biggest Loser, to pull lifting video. Can we stop judging healthy, active pregnant women already?
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