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When should my baby be off the bottle?
Is it true that I’m not supposed to eat feta or other soft cheeses for my entire pregnancy? I love Greek salads!
My in-laws often barge in unannounced and stay for hours. How can we get some privacy after the baby comes?
I always wanted a girl but just learned I’m expecting a boy. Whenever someone asks what I’m having, I can’t work up any enthusiasm. What can I do?
As an expectant mom, can I use a belly or thigh firming cream?
My baby is having one bowel movement every three to four days. She’s 4 months old and is breastfed. Is this normal?
Can a supplement called Fertility Blend really help women conceive? 
Do babies need fluoride drops? 
Our 4-month-old keeps getting white patches on her tongue. What is this? 
What can I do about varicose veins now and after I have the baby?
Can fibromyalgia be dangerous during pregnancy? 
 I’m three months along and spend a lot of time outdoors.Is it safe to use sunscreen? 
How can I keep my baby hydrated when he’s vomiting and can’t hold any liquids down? 
 We are in the middle of toilet training our 2-year-old son, with our new daughter due in a few weeks. What can we expect? 
I started my pregnancy at a healthy weight and know it’s OK to gain 25–35 pounds. But is there anything I can do now to help ensure I’ll get the weight off after I have my baby?