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3rd trimester

I’m a few days past my due date, and my doctor said I may have to be induced if I don’t deliver soon. Why is this?
I’m pregnant and have herpes. Will I need to have a Cesarean section?
I’m leaking fluid from my nipples. Is this normal?
Should I try to toughen my nipples for breastfeeding?
My nipples are so flat that they’re almost inverted. Is there anything I can do to draw them out?
I’ve got very small breasts. Can I still breastfeed?
Is it normal to get nosebleeds during pregnancy? I’ve had two in the past few weeks, and I’m getting worried.
Is it true some men won’t watch their partner deliver for fear it will change how he sees her sexually?
Can orgasm induce labor?
I’m in my seventh month and get severe leg cramps that wake me up at night. What can I do to alleviate or even prevent them?
I’m worried my husband won’t be attracted to me after he watches our baby’s birth. 
A pregnant friend told me that she does kick counts every day. What are they, and should I be doing them? 
How should I tell my child she's going to get a sibling?
Why do I need to do kick counts?
What is Group B strep?