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How long can freshly pumped breast milk stay unrefrigerated and still be safe?
I had my son 10 months ago and have managed to lose all of the weight I put on during my pregnancy. Now I want to get in great shape and tone up my body. Every holiday season I make a resolution to get fit. About two or three months into the new year, I fall off the wagon. Do you have any advice that will help my “get fit” plan stick?
When should my baby be off the bottle?
My in-laws often barge in unannounced and stay for hours. How can we get some privacy after the baby comes?
 We are in the middle of toilet training our 2-year-old son, with our new daughter due in a few weeks. What can we expect? 
How can I keep my baby hydrated when he’s vomiting and can’t hold any liquids down? 
Our 4-month-old keeps getting white patches on her tongue. What is this? 
Do babies need fluoride drops? 
Would it be terrible for my husband and me to have sex while the baby is asleep in her crib in our room?
My son was born with what looks like a pinhole above the crease of his buttocks. His doctor says it’s a harmless dimple. How common is this?
My daughter was just diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. What is this?
My 15-month-old is a nightmare in restaurants. Do you have any words of wisdom?
I keep hearing a strange clicking sound in my 6-week-old baby’s legs. What is this?
My 8-month-old’s hands and feet seem to have an orange tint to them. What is this? 
One of my newborn’s eyes is continually running. Could she have a clogged tear duct?