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Getting pregnant

I've heard taking prenatal vitamins at night can cause insomnia. Is that true?
Can a supplement called Fertility Blend really help women conceive? 
I’ve heard that some fertility treatments can cause abnormalities in the fetus. Is this true? I’m worried because I’m having in vitro fertilization (IVF) in a few weeks.
I had a miscarriage almost three weeks ago. How soon can I try to conceive again?
I’m hoping to get pregnant and just found out I have a small fibroid in my uterus. My doctor said not to be worried, but I am. What should I do? 
I just found out I have a septate uterus. Will it affect my ability to get or stay pregnant?
I have irritable bowel syndrome and want to get pregnant in the next few months. Can I continue to take medication for IBS after I conceive?
Gestational diabetes and weight loss: Should I lose weight before trying to get pregnant?
I've had multiple miscarriages: should I see a doctor for testing?
I'll be undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUI) in a few weeks. Is there any reason to discontinue my workouts until I know whether I'm pregnant?
Could the hormones from my birth control pills hurt a fetus if I get pregnant right away?
I've given up smoking and am planning to get pregnant. Would I be putting my baby at risk if I become pregnant while using a nicotine patch?
My friend had an ectopic pregnancy recently. What is this, and does it affect future pregnancies?
Neither my mother nor I can remember if I've had chickenpox. I'm hoping to get pregnant--should I be vaccinated just in case?
My sister just miscarried due to a blighted ovum. What is this? Is it hereditary?