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Frequently asked

Can a supplement called Fertility Blend really help women conceive? 
I’ve heard that some fertility treatments can cause abnormalities in the fetus. Is this true? I’m worried because I’m having in vitro fertilization (IVF) in a few weeks.
One of my newborn’s eyes is continually running. Could she have a clogged tear duct?
My 18-month-old is so jealous that she screams and pushes my other kids away if they come anywhere near me. What can I do to save my sanity? 
Should I avoid gassy or spicy foods to help ward off gassiness in my baby? 
My baby’s birth was long and hard, and my son came out with a squishy lump on the back of his head. Should I be concerned?
How long can freshly pumped breast milk stay unrefrigerated and still be safe?
My 15-month-old is clumsier than other babies his age. My doctor thinks he's OK and said we should give him time to get more comfortable with his body before seeing a specialist. I really don't feel good about waiting. What do you suggest?
Why do I need to drink when I'm exercising even if I'm not thirsty?
Should I get my baby shots to prevent RSV?
We'll be traveling with our infant and toddler this summer, and we'd like to take along a medical kit. What do you suggest we stock it with?
My libido is almost nonexistent. What's going on?
I recently sent pictures of my 4-month-old son to his grandparents, and they all noticed that one of his eyes turns inward. What should we do?
The tattoo that was on my hipbone before I got pregnant is expanding. Is there anything I can do to make sure that when my belly returns to normal, my tattoo doesn't stay at twice its original size?
My baby seems to have his days and nights confused. Should I do anything?