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Frequently asked

My in-laws often barge in unannounced and stay for hours. How can we get some privacy after the baby comes?
My son was born with what looks like a pinhole above the crease of his buttocks. His doctor says it’s a harmless dimple. How common is this?
I have been told that yoga is an excellent form of exercise for a pregnant woman. I am two months along and have never done yoga. Is now a good time to start?
Is it normal to get nosebleeds during pregnancy? I’ve had two in the past few weeks, and I’m getting worried.
My nipples are raw and cracked. What can I do?
I just found out I’m pregnant and am worried that my asthma medications could harm my baby. Should I stop taking them? 
My daughter is 4 months old. When should I start feeding her solid foods?
Is it safe to continue my joint medication once I conceive?
Is it OK to swim or do aqua exercises while I'm pregnant?
I have inverted nipples. Will I be able to feed my baby?
Is hydrocortisone cream safe during pregnancy? If not, what else can I use to soothe my irritated skin?
Our 4-month-old keeps getting white patches on her tongue. What is this?
I had a C-section six weeks ago. Can I use an exercise ball to work out my abs now?
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My breastfed baby is 4 weeks old and spits up all the time. The doctor says she has reflux. What is this?