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Frequently asked

 I’m three months along and spend a lot of time outdoors.Is it safe to use sunscreen? 
Is it true that I’m not supposed to eat feta or other soft cheeses for my entire pregnancy? I love Greek salads! 
I’m leaking fluid from my nipples. Is this normal?
How can I safely deal with puffy eyes?
My baby is 8 months old and my partner and I want to resume our active sex life. How do we manage?
My 15-month-old came down with a nasty case of croup last spring. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?
Why do I need to do kick counts?
I'll be undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUI) in a few weeks. Is there any reason to discontinue my workouts until I know whether I'm pregnant?
Can you recommend an exercise for a newly pregnant couch potato?
What can I do to soothe my baby's tummy?
I would like to "room in" with my newborn, but our hospital requires that the baby be returned to the nursery every shift to check his vital signs (e.g., pulse, temperature and respiratory rate). What do you think about this?
Can I take Claritin while I'm pregnant and nursing?
Can I ride on a roller coaster while pregnant?
My 18-month-old pinches and hits me when she's angry. When I tell her no or try to talk to her about "not hitting Mommy," she gets even angrier and begins yelling. I've read that she's too young for time-outs--what else can I do?
Could my constant worrying about getting my baby to sleep be affecting him?