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Frequently asked

Can fibromyalgia be dangerous during pregnancy? 
I’ve heard thyroid problems can cause trouble in pregnancy. Should I be tested?  
I’m 19 weeks along and feeling especially tired. I also look paler than usual, and I get dizzy a lot. What’s going on?
I am only one month pregnant with my first child, and I’m already worried because I have heard so many stories about women having trouble losing their baby weight. I saw you on TV recently and you look great! Why do celebrities seem to bounce back so quickly after having their babies? Do you have any inside tips you can share with me? 
I’m worried my husband won’t be attracted to me after he watches our baby’s birth. 
I’m 4 months along and would like to get my teeth bleached. Is having this done safe during pregnancy?
How should I tell my child she's going to get a sibling?
My son was just diagnosed with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Could it be dangerous if I catch it?
Is it safe to get the flu shot when you're pregnant?
Is there a new treatment for gestational diabetes? I had gestational diabetes six years ago. I'd like to get pregnant again and heard about a treatment for this condition that uses oral antihypoglycemics rather than insulin. What is it?
I'm almost five months pregnant and could eat creamed spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is a food craving like this just a normal part of pregnancy or something I should worry about?
Does periodontal disease put me at risk for a preterm delivery?
Why can't I exercise on my back while pregnant?
Should I monitor my heart rate when exercising?
My baby has been sleeping in our bed. When and how do I transition him to his crib?