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Frequently asked

Are vibrators safe during pregnancy? 
My 8-month-old’s hands and feet seem to have an orange tint to them. What is this? 
I have always been very active and work out at least five times a week at a high intensity level. Will I be able to keep up this pace while I’m pregnant?
I had a miscarriage almost three weeks ago. How soon can I try to conceive again?
I’ve heard that ibuprofen can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. My daughter is teething; should I not give her this medication? 
At what age can autism be diagnosed?
I've read that breast milk can contain environmental toxins and pollutants. Should I feed my baby formula instead?
How intensely can I exercise during these 9 months?
Can I be out in the cold when I'm pregnant?
Should I pump to increase my milk supply?
I am in my first trimester and recently read that pregnant women should not exercise at altitudes higher than 6,000 feet. I live at 5,300 feet and frequently hike at 8,000 feet. Should I stop?
Does my toddler need vitamins?
There's so much baby advice out there -- how do I know which to follow?
At 34 weeks along, I am having intense itching on my belly, hands and feet. What could be causing this?
What is your opinion of infant swimming classes?