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Frequently asked

I always wanted a girl but just learned I’m expecting a boy. Whenever someone asks what I’m having, I can’t work up any enthusiasm. What can I do?
My daughter was just diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. What is this?
What are the most common reasons for surgery during pregnancy?
I’ve had a few bladder infections over the past several years. Now that I’m pregnant, am I likely to have more?
Does my breastfed baby need vitamin drops?
A pregnant friend told me that she does kick counts every day. What are they, and should I be doing them? 
Blood clots and pregnancy: Is my pregnancy likely to be complicated by this same problem?
Can chlorine in the swimming pool hurt my baby?
Why shouldn't I do exercise while lying on my back after a certain point?
I'm having increased vaginal discharge. Is this normal?
My husband and I don't want to know our child's gender; is there any other reason to schedule a diagnostic ultrasound?
My husband has been having trouble finding his role as a father in the first three months of our daughter's life. What advice do you have for him?
My doctor recommends that my 18-month-old son be vaccinated for chickenpox. He has asthma, so I feel he shouldn't get the shot. Am I right?
I just found out I'm pregnant, and I'm trying to stop smoking. Is it safe for me to use the nicotine patch?
I had my baby eight weeks ago and would like to get back into my running routine. Will exercise change the taste of my breast milk?