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Frequently asked

As an expectant mom, can I use a belly or thigh firming cream?
I always get terrible hay fever in the spring. I usually take allergy medication but don’t want to now that I’m pregnant. What can I safely do?  
Are there safe ways to diagnose appendicitis, galll bladder, ovarian, breast or cervical disease; trauma?
Do you recommend probiotics for children?
I’m afraid I’m not producing adequate amounts of milk. How can I tell? 
Do you believe in letting babies “cry it out” to help them sleep through the night? 
Gestational diabetes and weight loss: Should I lose weight before trying to get pregnant?
Assuming my baby is born healthy, how soon can we leave the hospital?
What are natural changes to expect while exercising, and what are warning signs I should look for?
What's the right amount of sun exposure for kids?
I painted a mural in the nursery using acrylic paint. I wore gloves and had a fan running, but I'm nervous about birth defects. Will my baby be OK?
Can I do pilates throughout my pregnancy?
How should we treat our baby's chickenpox?
My friend had an ectopic pregnancy recently. What is this, and does it affect future pregnancies?
My 2-year-old often suffers from constipation, which is making potty training difficult. How should I handle this?