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Frequently asked

I'm 28 years old and have had migraine headaches since I was 20. Now that I'm six weeks pregnant, how can I safely treat them?
When my friend's 4-week-old baby developed a fever, she was admitted to the hospital, where they did blood tests and a spinal tap to see if she had meningitis. The procedure upset my friend a lot. Was it really necessary?
I've been really moody since my baby was born. What's happening?
Is there anything I can do to make eczema go away?
My baby is 4 months old and has fair skin. We're planning to take a spring vacation in Hawaii—is it OK to use sunscreen on him?
My doctor is recommending that I give my breastfed baby vitamin drops for extra vitamin D. Why do I need to do this?
What do you think of birth plans?
What can I do about seasonal allergies when I’m pregnant?
 We are in the middle of toilet training our 2-year-old son, with our new daughter due in a few weeks. What can we expect? 
My 15-month-old is a nightmare in restaurants. Do you have any words of wisdom?
My nipples are so flat that they’re almost inverted. Is there anything I can do to draw them out?
My 15-month-old is clumsier than other babies his age. My doctor thinks we should let him get comfortable with his body before seeing a specialist, but I don’t want to wait. What do you suggest?
I’m breastfeeding and have some acne. Can I use products containing tretinoin? 
Can I continue doing abdominal exercises until the baby is born?
Can I keep nursing if I'm pregnant again?