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Frequently asked

I started my pregnancy at a healthy weight and know it’s OK to gain 25–35 pounds. But is there anything I can do now to help ensure I’ll get the weight off after I have my baby? 
I keep hearing a strange clicking sound in my 6-week-old baby’s legs. What is this?
I’ve got very small breasts. Can I still breastfeed?
My baby was born four weeks premature and was in the NICU for two weeks, mostly for respiratory difficulties. Do I need to follow any special precautions now that he’s home?
My 2-year-old absolutely hates baths, screaming and struggling the entire three minutes it takes to get her a little less dirty. What can I do? 
I have irritable bowel syndrome and want to get pregnant in the next few months. Can I continue to take medication for IBS after I conceive?
I'm planning on raising my 1-year-old son to be a vegetarian, but I've been hearing about the risk of behavioral problems with this type of diet. Should I reconsider?
Why is prenatal yoga recommended?
Is it safe to use an electric blanket while pregnant?
I had my first baby 6 weeks ago and haven't had my period yet. Is this normal?
Last winter, my two preschoolers seemed to pass the same cold back and forth. This year we have a 6-month-old and would really like to keep her illness-free. Is this possible?
Does croup happen only in the winter?
I'm breastfeeding. What type of birth control should I use?
I'm five months pregnant, and I've developed small polyps on my chest. What are these and should I be worried about them?
My 6-month-old baby often has either a runny or a congested nose. Could this be due to an allergy?