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Advice For Dads

Research Says New Dads Likely to Gain Weight

If you feel the pressure to ditch some weight after D-day, rest assured, Mama, you're not alone. A new study by Northwestern Medicine tracked the weight of more than 10,000 daddies and non-daddies alike, and discovered that the typical new father will gain an average of 3.5 to 4.5 pounds after their baby is born.

Swedish Dads Get 3 Months of Paternity Leave

When American babies are born, fathers are usually considered lucky if they can take a couple of weeks off.

Dads Fail to Do Enough Baby Chores

Apparently, a woman's work is never done. A new study that will be published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that when a working couple has a new baby, the woman's workload increases by two hours a day, while the man's only increases by 40 minutes. Talk about labor pains.

Are You Ready for a Baby?

Once you and your partner decided you want to have a baby, daydreaming about your new family—and the fun you’ll have creating it—might be consuming most of your thoughts these days. And while you’ve probably heard from most people with children that you’re “never completely ready to have a baby,” there are a few discussion points you and your guy should cover before you get pregnant.

Jason Biggs: "You Transform Completely"

“Almost every move I make, every thought I think, I do with my son in mind. My wife Jenny [Mollen] and I have this wonderful sense of teamwork now. We’re working together toward a common goal: to love and care for our child in the very best way.

The Age Effect: Is Aging Sperm a Risk Factor for Autism?

We hear a lot about female fertility problems and age, but new research finds that aging affects male fertility, too. Here, some tips that help you have a healthy baby, no matter how old you and your partner are.

Gold-Medal Marriage: Paralympians Rob & Danelle Umstead Talk Relationships

During the years in which an Olympic Games competition takes place we are treated to stories that surprise, move, and inspire us in ways we couldn't even imagine. This year, thanks to the Sochi Winter Games and the Paralympic Games, is no exception.  Case in point: Alpine skiers and Paralympians, Rob and Danelle Umstead. Legally blind, Danelle skis to the sound of her husband’s guiding voice.  Talk about facing trust issues head on!

Fatherhood: An Honest Documentary About Becoming a Parent

A truly honest depiction of what it's like to become a parent, actor Hank Azaria talks fatherhood with celebrities like Bryan Cranston and Kevin Bacon, then finds out what it's like to be a dad first hand.

The Pre-Pregnancy Diet Plan...For Him

You know it’s important to develop healthy eating habits before baby comes, but dad’s patterns matter, too, says new research from McGill University in Canada.

Male mice that consumed a folate-deficient diet were 30 percent more likely to have offspring with birth defects, compared to mice that ate a diet rich in folate.