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Advice For Dads

Create a Financial Safety Net

It’s a vitally important part of parenting but not terribly pleasant: making sure you and your family will be taken care of financially, no matter what happens.

Here’s expert advice on getting started:

1. Buy health insurance

Health coverage should be an absolute priority. to keep premiums manageable and still protect yourself against a catastrophe, get a plan with a high deductible—$5,000 or more—through your employer or as an individual.

6 Tips for Dads “In Labor”

For every mother who goes into labor, there’s a guy out there (and very likely right there in the labor room) who’s having a baby too. I don’t mean that literally.  Lots of women have babies without a guy in sight and none of the men becoming new fathers actually have even one single contraction.  What I mean is, guys in the labor room are important too.

I Don't Want My Mom & Sister in the Delivery Room

The Dilemma

I only want my husband in the delivery room with me. How do I tell my mom and sisters?

Dutch and American Dads Experience Labor

Many of you have seen the YouTube video of Dutch guys “in labor.”   Now there’s another one circulating about American men “in labor.”  Each of the guys is hooked up to an electrical stimulation machine with electrodes attached to their abdominal muscles.  When enough electricity is delivered to give the guys “contractions,” viewers watch as they freak out and lose their minds over what they’d previously perceived was probably tolerable pain that women had ex

‘Pregnancy Band’ Allows Dad to Feel Baby’s Kicks

Science is one step closer to a “pregnant” man: Huggies has created a pregnancy band that allows dads to feel baby moving in utero, right alongside with mom. Amazing? Incredible? Groundbreaking? Yes, yes and yes, but you can’t buy one … yet.

Why Cats Might Be Risky During Pregnancy

Q: I’ve heard cats can be risky during pregnancy. Why is this?

A: You might be referring to toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite that can be transmitted through cat feces. Though the infection typically causes only a mild flulike illness, it can pose serious problems during pregnancy.

Ask The Labor Nurse: What Kind of Dad Will You Be?

Two dads at the park

Bonding Tips For Dads

Engaged dads are linked with improved weight gain in preterm infants and higher rates of breastfeeding. And you can help. Encourage your partner to:

How To Help Your Partner Be A Great Dad

I don’t think we show dads enough love here in the blogosphere so this month I’m dedicating my blog to the guys. Every week in June, I’ll dish out my very best advice for mothers and fathers on how to be a great dad and how to be a mom who supports a guy to be a great dad. 

Here’s my #1 piece of advice for moms who want their partner to be a good dad: 

Back off. 

Father's Day 101: Making a New Father Feel like a Daddy

When my daughter was born I couldn’t believe how many clichés suddenly rang true: I’d never loved anyone like this, I’d never felt so viscerally connected with another human. I could gaze into her unfocused eyes forever, floating along in a hormonal bliss as she nursed. From the first moment I saw that slimy little creature, I was in love.

My husband loved her too, of course, but it wasn’t quite the same. I remember him saying, “We don’t even know her yet!”

Know her yet? She had tons of personality! It was just somewhat…invisible, as of yet.