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Advice For Dads

Picture Perfect: Tips for Newborn Photography

If you don’t have bucks to burn on a professional photographer for that perfect baby announcement photo, don’t stress. Follow these tips from photographer Ted Catanzaro of Los Angeles-based Ted & Debbie to best capture your cutie:

Avoid using flash: Create soft, filtered light by hanging a sheer curtain in front of a window or lamp.

Get up close and personal: 
Capture close-ups of your baby’s toes, hands and face.

Stranger Anxiety

It may cause you some embarrassment, but when your child screams and clings to you at the mere approach of Aunt Marge (or nearly any other unfamiliar person), he’s actually responding in a very normal way.

Toy Story

Our baby is only 5 months old, but our apartment was crammed with toys long before my husband and I ever thought about having kids. No framed portraits of us in crisp, matching shirts adorned our mantle. Instead, a lifelike bust of Caesar from Planet of the Apes engaged our visitors with his simian stare.

Grandparents Day

As we get ready to mark Grandparents Day this Sunday, two new studies report that the nanas and granddaddies of today are providing an increasing level of financial and day-care support to their grandchildren, according to a USA Today report.

Dad's Age Plays Bigger Role in Autism Risk

Researchers in the past have pointed to a mother's age when studying autism risks. But a new study finds that older fathers pass on more genetic mutations to babies, specifically for autism and schizophrenia, The New York Times reports.

Sweden Looks to Extend Paternity Leave

Sweden is standing by its men—specifically, fathers. The country with the most generous family leave legislation is debating whether dads need more time off to be with their babies, the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets report.

Pointers For Pops

A lot of expectant fathers think they have two jobs—you know, the one that begins the whole pregnancy process, and then the one that starts nine months later. But the reality is that even though moms are the supreme bearers of physical responsibility during pregnancy, men can play big roles, too. So print out this page and leave it on his nightstand. He won’t have to read your mind, and you won’t have to nag.

From Old Dads to New Dads

Some of the best parenting advice I’ve ever heard has come not from doctors, psychologists, teachers, parenting experts or mothers.  It comes from Dads whose kids are grown. Here are some of the gems:

Jim, father of two sons, says, “Raise your kids so you can stand living with them for twenty years and so you’ll enjoy it while you’re raising them.”

A Father Is Born

Before we had our son, my husband barely noticed babies. When we were out and about, I’d coo over every bub I saw, while my husband would kneel down to pet—and, more often than not, have a conversation with—every dog we passed. Our friends started having kids about six years before we did, so there were plenty of babies around, but my husband kept his distance.

My Son’s Secret Life

I am reminded constantly that my son has a whole life that I know little about. Just this month, he’s started counting to 10. He’ll randomly just begin counting whatever it is he’s playing with, be it soap bubbles or toy robots. I have never sat down with my son and taught him to count to 10. In fact, I’ve never even brought up the subject of counting, period. So, I can only guess that this is what he’s learning at preschool—along with how to identify a circle and where sharks live (Answer: the ocean, along with whales and goldfish).