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Advice For Dads

Father of the Year

Nominees for Father of the Year are plentiful in every town in America. They don’t have celebrity status or a public platform.  They won’t get a trophy or a headline.  They’ll just go quietly about their business, raising their kids and loving their children’s mother, despite the odds, the best way they know how. They’re the guys who make every day a little more solid for the people they love. A couple of fathers in the news right now could learn a thing or two about responsible, compassionate fatherhood; about being a big man by doing the small things right.

Garbanzos for Superior Spouses

“I’ve been spending too much money getting lunch out,” Aaron said forlornly last night. This is a sad state. I am a lunch lady for crying out loud. This means two things: I have not been cooking meals frequently enough for Aaron to have good leftovers to bring to work; and moreover, I have not been taking good care of my number one honey.

Modern Family

When it comes to the fears and expectations about new parenthood, men and women aren’t always on the same page. And it doesn’t help that much of what divides them often goes unspoken. Here, a few brave couples talk about the issues at stake. Plus, 9 things dads can teach moms about babies.

By Invitation Only: Who Will Attend Your Birth?

Some women envision their birth-day as a time to invite anyone who is close and dear to them into the birthing room—mother, sisters, partner/husband, children, in-laws, next-door neighbor—and yet other moms feel most comfortable with only their husband/partner in the room. Ultimately, there is no one right way, but rather, the way that is best for you.

8 Tips for Birth Partners

1. Support is a key element to a woman having a positive birth and postpartum experience. As a birth partner, identify the resources you have for informational, emotional and physical backup early on.

Daddy's Home!

For the first two years that new father Greg Barbera stayed home to care for his son while his wife returned to her job, he didn’t refer to himself as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD). He wasn’t ashamed—Barbera knew that his was an important, challenging and rewarding opportunity. But the arrangement didn’t sit as well with a lot of people the Durham, N.C.-based journalist encountered, so it simply became easier for Barbera to say, “I’m staying home right now and freelancing while I look for another job.”

Rules of the Game


The playing field might be a hut or a hospital. Training is encouraged but won’t guarantee better performance. The rules change fast. It’s usually a marathon, and you have to go the distance even if you’re exhausted. Childbirth is the ultimate team sport. Let’s go through the lineup so everyone is clear about his or her position.

Baby = captain First-round draft pick, quarterback, shortstop, point guard and trophy all rolled into one. Babies aren’t team players: They call the shots, appear only at the finish line and cry whether they win or lose.

On Family and Fathering

Our little family becomes a lot bigger on vacation: at the Jersey Shore this week, there are up to 15 adults and six kids in the house at times. It’s always the most intense in the afternoons when everyone’s up from their naps and done with the day’s activities. The grown-ups are all interested in sitting on the patio with a cold drink and a salty snack watching the waves. The kids are all…over the place.

Parenting, It’s a Man’s World too

When you hear the word, “parent,” who do you think of first, Mom or Dad?  I’ll bet you thought of Mom. That’s natural.  It’s how we’re culturally programmed to think about parenting - as a girl thing. Take a look at any magazine rack’s parenting and pregnancy section and it’s almost all about Moms. Fathers get a page or two but Mom is the cover girl. 

Father's Day 2010

With fatherhood on the attack in the media these days, it seems especially appropriate for all of us to take a moment this Sunday on Father's Day to thank the men in our lives—the ones called "Dad."