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Advice For Dads

On Family and Fathering

Our little family becomes a lot bigger on vacation: at the Jersey Shore this week, there are up to 15 adults and six kids in the house at times. It’s always the most intense in the afternoons when everyone’s up from their naps and done with the day’s activities. The grown-ups are all interested in sitting on the patio with a cold drink and a salty snack watching the waves. The kids are all…over the place.

Parenting, It’s a Man’s World too

When you hear the word, “parent,” who do you think of first, Mom or Dad?  I’ll bet you thought of Mom. That’s natural.  It’s how we’re culturally programmed to think about parenting - as a girl thing. Take a look at any magazine rack’s parenting and pregnancy section and it’s almost all about Moms. Fathers get a page or two but Mom is the cover girl. 

Father's Day 2010

With fatherhood on the attack in the media these days, it seems especially appropriate for all of us to take a moment this Sunday on Father's Day to thank the men in our lives—the ones called "Dad."

Tackling Fatherhood?


The Mutsy 4Rider Light, demonstrates that sometimes, with good engineering, less is more. This buggy stands out from the crowd of high-end strollers like a Porsche Cayenne in a sea of Honda Odysseys.


What Dads Should Do About Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is this weekend and for many of you, it’s your first. Sweet. You’re in for oodles of homemade cards and crafts, sticky breakfasts in bed, brunches, pedicures and presents, presents, presents. That is, if your husband/partner does his job right. 

The Easy Way to Bond With Your Baby

I’ve received quite a few emails lately from parents wondering about bonding. Readers want to know: is bonding a specific thing, moment or process? If you don’t do it immediately after birth, do you lose your chance? Does everybody bond or only women who breastfeed? What if you have a C-section? What if you don’t feel it when it happens? Can you fake it?

On Deadbeat Dads, Marital Bliss and Housework

We’re both working full-time. Leo is in preschool full-time. This week, I’d like to deliver a state of our family address. By which I mean, this week, I wanted to throttle my husband and call in sick.

“You have been away, our childcare fell apart, I had a weeklong-stomach bug, Leo developed the habit of trying to piss me off and you were anxious and distracted whenever you were around,” I’ll point out pleasantly.

Dad Advice

During Pregnancy

What to say when you find out she’s pregnant: “That’s amazing! Yeah, baby!” What not to say: “How did that happen?” —Chris Pegula, founder and creator of Diaper Dude and father of three, Los Angeles

RUB! Rub her feet, rub her back, rub her shoulders. —Bert Martinez, motivational speaker and father of five, Houston

Dad Depression Linked to Baby's Colic

Don't just blame mom! A new study in the journal Pediatrics found that a dad's state of mind can also lead to a crying, colicky baby, HealthDay News and Yahoo! News report.

The New Fatherhood

Overheard at a barbecue:

Dad # 1: "I changed 14 diapers today. I've got a diaper callus."

Dad #2: "Dude, that's nothing. I've got three kids under three – that's 20 diapers and three Pull-ups on a good day."

Dad#3: "Add one toddler with diarrhea and a teething six-month-old and welcome to my world."

Dad #4: "Are you guys joking? Please tell me you're joking. My wife's due with our first next month."

Dads 1,2 & 3, in unison: "Duuude!"