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Advice For Dads

On Deadbeat Dads, Marital Bliss and Housework

We’re both working full-time. Leo is in preschool full-time. This week, I’d like to deliver a state of our family address. By which I mean, this week, I wanted to throttle my husband and call in sick.

“You have been away, our childcare fell apart, I had a weeklong-stomach bug, Leo developed the habit of trying to piss me off and you were anxious and distracted whenever you were around,” I’ll point out pleasantly.

Dad Advice

During Pregnancy

What to say when you find out she’s pregnant: “That’s amazing! Yeah, baby!” What not to say: “How did that happen?” —Chris Pegula, founder and creator of Diaper Dude and father of three, Los Angeles

RUB! Rub her feet, rub her back, rub her shoulders. —Bert Martinez, motivational speaker and father of five, Houston

Dad Depression Linked to Baby's Colic

Don't just blame mom! A new study in the journal Pediatrics found that a dad's state of mind can also lead to a crying, colicky baby, HealthDay News and Yahoo! News report.

The New Fatherhood

Overheard at a barbecue:

Dad # 1: "I changed 14 diapers today. I've got a diaper callus."

Dad #2: "Dude, that's nothing. I've got three kids under three – that's 20 diapers and three Pull-ups on a good day."

Dad#3: "Add one toddler with diarrhea and a teething six-month-old and welcome to my world."

Dad #4: "Are you guys joking? Please tell me you're joking. My wife's due with our first next month."

Dads 1,2 & 3, in unison: "Duuude!"

Father's Day For Real

I haven’t always been a fan of Hallmark holidays, for all the usual reasons (they seem forced, and mostly inspired by capitalism). But this Father’s Day cannot pass without fanfare. Aaron has worked so hard this past year, and loved me and Leo so steadfastly, and grown so much as a Dad and husband, that the only regret I have about celebrating Father’s Day is that I should need a reminder to shower my husband with appreciation. But I do. I definitely do.

More Paid Leave for U.K. Dads

A big victory for paternity rights is in the works over in the United Kingdom—putting the United States even further behind when it comes to family leave, the Guardian newspaper reports. Britain's Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Monday proposed changes to maternity leave legislation, allowing fathers to take more paid time off.

Letter to The Baby: A word about your father

Dear Little One,

I am writing this to you on Father's Day, so it seems like a good time to tell you about your Papa, and just how lucky you are to have him.

You're not a Dork. You're a Dad

Every year, I get hired to write something about the dorky Dad. Or the clueless Dad or the Dad who has no idea how to pull his pants up in the morning and Lord knows he's not going to know how to raise a baby unless some way-wiser woman tells him how. It makes for good media, it's funny and for the most part harmless. I just want to tell you guys though what I really think. I think you're awesome. The world would be a sorry place without Dads. We need you guys because...You're Guys. A Dad's contribution is as important to a child's wellbeing, growth, development and security as Mom's.

A New Dad's Field Guide

Back in the days when men hunted with clubs and didn’t worry about back hair, fatherhood was a simple concept: 1. Have sex. 2. Be conveniently out hunting or gathering when baby arrived. 3. Behold offspring and grunt approvingly. // Years later, fathers still were an unwelcome appendage in the birth process. My own dad told me that after I was born and Mom was getting dressed to take me home, the nuns in the Catholic hospital where she had me made him leave the room so he wouldn’t see my mother wearing her slip.