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Advice For Dads

The Dish On Dads

Labor nurses like me love dads-to-be who do whatever it takes to make the new mom and baby the stars of the day. Fortunately, that's most of you men out there. Once in a while, though, someone steals the spotlight with his less-than-stellar behavior.

Anxious Dad Ups C-Section Pain

A man's worry about his partner's planned C-section may exacerbate her own anxiety and fear of the operation, increasing her post-surgical pain, according to a report from British researchers. And there's more than just a new mother's comfort at stake. Higher pain levels can slow recovery and may even compromise breastfeeding and bonding between mom and baby. Dads-to-be can ease their fear of the unknown by reading up on the procedure.

When Dad Grows A Gut

If your hubby packs on pounds during your pregnancy, it could be nature's way of preparing him for fatherhood. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, studied monkeys and found that when their mates were pregnant, the male monkeys gained weight, perhaps to meet the physical challenges of fatherhood. Weight gain in men is "probably real, with a possible evolutionary purpose behind it," says study co-author Shelley Prudom. Who knew changing diapers was so tough?