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Mobility and Constant Motion

Yeah, so much mobility, as I said last week. Tuck has really gotten the hang of crawling, though it isn’t a pretty, smooth action yet. But he is a madman, moving all over the place so fast we can’t even figure out how he’s doing it. We lowered the crib mattress last week because he suddenly figured out how to sit up/try to climb over the edge. This morning he’d pulled a blanket rack over to himself and gotten a blanket into his crib (that’s been moved).

Study: Prenatal Vitamins Cut Autism Risk

Studies for years now have emphasized that prenatal vitamins are crucial before and after conceiving. But a new study says vitamins have even more importance: They help cut the autism risk in your baby, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Do Chemicals Cause Autism?

An estimated 1 in 70 boys and 1 in 315 girls in the U.S. now have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a 2009 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Increased awareness and detection as well as earlier diagnoses cannot alone account for the steep increase over the past few decades, experts say.

Possible Jaundice-Autism Link

A new study out of Denmark suggests that newborn full-term babies who have jaundice may have a higher risk of developing autism than other infants, The Associated Press reports.

Autism Risk Tied To Mom's Age

Autism is back in the news. This week, a new study found that women who give birth after age 40 face a higher risk of having an autistic child, regardless of the father's age, Reuters reports.

Journal Retracts Autism Study

The medical publication The Lancet has fully retracted a flawed study linking measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism and bowel disease, CNN reports.

The British-based journal acted after Britain's General Medical Council ruled last week that researcher Andrew Wakefield had been dishonest and unethical in gathering data for his 1998 study.

Study Highlights Prevalence of Autism

Over the past decade, autism has made a steady climb from obscure syndrome to what seems like a pervasive developmental disorder. And now more bad news: A new federal study estimates that the prevalence is more likely about 1 in 100 children, The New York Times and The Associated Press report. Currently there are an estimated 673,000 children with autism in the U.S.

Autism and Tummy Troubles

Special diets for development and learning disabilities have been controversial for decades—especially when it comes to dealing with autism in children. Many parents try gluten- or casein-free diets in hopes that their kids will fare better.  However, new research finds that autism is not linked to stomach problems, despite a common theory that there is a tie between the two, The New York Times reports.

Spot Autism Early

While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians screen for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) starting at 18 months of age, researchers have identified several potential signs in infants.

Vaccines and Autism


I’ll tell you what I tell my patients: There is no proof that vaccines cause autism. But there is some agreement that they may trigger autism and other problems in a small group of susceptible children. That’s why I prefer to customize a vaccination schedule for each child. This type of amended schedule is spelled out very well in 2008’s The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child, by Robert Sears, M.D., but it is still loudly criticized by the American Academy of Pediatrics and some other experts.