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Baby Boy Names

Historical Baby Boy Names

These baby boy names are perfect for parents who are history buffs, or anyone looking for a classic name for their bundle of joy.

From American heroes to former presidents to iconic Hollywood stars, you are sure to find the ideal historical name for your baby boy.

American Hero Baby Names

Get inspired by these historical figures and discover the perfect baby name for your own little hero.

Cheerful Spring Baby Names

If you have a baby due—or conceived—in the spring months, consider a cheerful baby name inspired by the season.

Blooming Floral Baby Names

The obvious choice for spring is a floral baby name. Daisy, Lily, Rose and Violet are popular flowery baby names, but consider some of these more unusual choices too.

The Baby Name Whisperer

Love the name Bella but worried your daughter will be one of eight Twilight namesakes in her preschool classroom? Struggling to come up with a moniker that pleases both your partner’s sense of tradition (Michael) and your creative leanings (Diego)?Time to call Maryanna Korwitts.

Baby Name Predictions for Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Saturday, June 15. No word on the little girl’s name yet, but we thought it would be fun to predict what Kimye might name their baby.

Unique baby names that start with K

The obvious choice for Kim and Kanye is a baby name that starts with K. Here are some of our favorite unique “K” baby names for both boys and girls.


The Best (and Worst) Celebrity Baby Names of 2012

Celebrity baby names have long been a source of entertainment and inspiration. This year is no exception. Check out our roundup of 2012’s best and worst celebrity baby name trends.

The "What were they thinking?" baby names

What would a list of 2012 baby names be without its share of celebrity weirdness? Imagine going through life with the name Bastian Kick, Kash Kade, Romy Hero or Clover Clementyne!

Holiday Baby Names

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… especially when there’s a bundle of joy on the way. If you’re expecting a holiday baby, then you may want to commemorate the season with an extra-special baby name.

Traditional Christmas Baby Names

The list of Christmas symbols is never-ending. Which one best represents your favorite tradition?

Belle – the soothing sounds of church bells on Christmas Eve

Space-Age Baby Names

Star, moon and planet baby names

Nearly a billion stars have names, and what beautiful names they are! Would you give your baby a name like Andromeda, Gemini or Orion?

Baby Names for the Class of 2025 (and Beyond)

Kaydance for a girl? Rian for a boy? We predict you’ll see a lot of these baby names in your kids’ yearbooks over the next several years.

This year’s kindergarteners are the Class of 2025! We took a look at their names to see what will be popular among graduates 18 years in the future. There are trendy names, traditional names, cleverly spelled names and some really unique, unexpected names.

Expensive Baby Names

We all like nice things – some of us more than others. If you insist on only the finest, then we have the perfect baby names for you.

Inspired by the very best in jewelry, cars, fashion and more, we’ve compiled a list of names that will give your child instant first-class status. Check out these rich baby names for boys and girls.

Presidential Baby Names

From George to Barack, our country’s leaders have boasted classic names as well as some edgy, unexpected monikers.

Most common Presidential first names:

With one of these traditional first names, your son will be well on his way to the campaign trail.