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Baby Food

Fast Times: What are your speediest recipes?

Having a young child around presents a dinnertime choice: will you cook fast and simple, and sit down to toddler-friendly fare before 6 pm, or will you feed the kid, put him to bed, then cook and eat an adult meal? For the longest time, we tended too often towards the latter on weeknights. Leo got microwaved leftovers from the night before, or super-simple menus like scrambled eggs, toast and avocado. Back then he was usually in bed before 6:30, and I would spend as much as an hour cooking before sitting down to dinner with Aaron close to 8.

Super Mom Soup

Cold season, for those of you who need to be informed, is upon us. Tissues! Motrin! Humidifiers! I hung fresh eucalyptus leaves from the shower head in an attempt to turn our tiny bathroom into a health-giving steam room. I gave Leo two lollipops when we went to the doctor for his pinkeye/croup the other day just to keep him from touching anything in the doctor’s office. I was pretty sure he’d infect every other kid who went that day and also manage to bring home some more fancy germs while he was at it.

Moms Know Best: Leave it to us to come up with the next great baby product

Have you got baby product ideas that you know would go over big if you could just get them in stores? Or are there items you’ve searched for fruitlessly, wondering why no one has come up with them yet? When Leo was small, I was always dreaming up innovations that would make our lives easier.

Sorting Out Solids

When our daughter started solids four years ago, my husband and I had the do's and don'ts memorized: wait until she's 6 months old, introduce cereal first and absolutely no eggs. Lucky for you, parents today can reject many of the strict rules we sweated just a few years back. Take a look:

Old Rule: Give nothing but breast milk for 6 months.

Get Your Child To Eat Veggies

Your toddler clamps his mouth shut, turns his head away and screams--loudly--as if you're inflicting the worst kind of torture on his fragile soul. The offense? Vegetables.

A Ceremonial First Meal

Our experiment with solid food was a total bust. We brought the high chair down from the attic, got out the video camera, mixed up some warm rice cereal, and sat Jack in the chair as our entire family stood by expectantly, excited to witness his ceremonial first meal. Will manned the video camera while Julia stood by with a spoon and Charlie ran around in excited circles.

Get Your Kitchen Baby-Ready

Interested in whipping up a batch of fresh fare for your nascent eater? The right tools will make the job simple and rewarding, so invest now in equipment that will last a lifetime. Eileen Behan, R.D., author of The Baby Food Bible (Ballantine Books), offers her kitchen gear hotlist:

Baby Bites

Your baby’s first tastes of solid foods are thoroughly entertaining to watch, as new flavors and textures provoke faces that are equally adorable and hilarious. What’s not so amusing is that, in some instances, there are invisible contaminants, fillers and other unhealthy ingredients lurking in his food.

Report: Baby Food Too Junky

A new study out of Britain has revealed that some baby foods contain more fat than a cheeseburger and more sugar than chocolate, reports.  "Many foods marketed for babies and young children are often advertised as healthy. In reality, ... some are worse than junk food," said a spokeswoman for Britain's Children's Food Campaign, which conducted the survey.

Making My Own Baby Food

Simple Foods, Complicated Rules