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Baby Girl Names

Baby Names for the Class of 2025 (and Beyond)

Kaydance for a girl? Rian for a boy? We predict you’ll see a lot of these baby names in your kids’ yearbooks over the next several years.

This year’s kindergarteners are the Class of 2025! We took a look at their names to see what will be popular among graduates 18 years in the future. There are trendy names, traditional names, cleverly spelled names and some really unique, unexpected names.

Expensive Baby Names

We all like nice things – some of us more than others. If you insist on only the finest, then we have the perfect baby names for you.

Inspired by the very best in jewelry, cars, fashion and more, we’ve compiled a list of names that will give your child instant first-class status. Check out these rich baby names for boys and girls.

Presidential Baby Names

From George to Barack, our country’s leaders have boasted classic names as well as some edgy, unexpected monikers.

Most common Presidential first names:

With one of these traditional first names, your son will be well on his way to the campaign trail.

Fun Ideas for Naming Siblings

Stuck on the perfect sibling baby name?  Check out our fun ideas on naming brothers, sisters or a combination of both! From baby names that have the same theme, such as Irish names or old fashioned names, to names that start with the same letter, let us help you find the perfect sib-set with our ideas for naming your second (or third or fourth…) baby.

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Summer Baby Names for Your Beach Babe

If you are having a summer baby, why not let the spirit of the season inspire your baby name?  From beachy names, like Coral or Ridge, to names with summer-inspired meanings, such as Talulah or Dax, you are sure to find the perfect match for your child. Check out these summer-inspired baby names that are perfect for your warm weather baby boy or baby girl.

Quaint English Baby Names

Are you looking for a quaint English baby name for your future English rose or proper English gentleman? English names like Oliver and Amelia have a distinguished and refined sound to them that many parents love. 

We have also included the names of the most famous English family — the Royal Family — as well as some of our favorite English names from the popular PBS show, Downton Abbey.

Hot Baby Name Trends for 2012

Jacob and Sophia may be the most popular baby names of 2011, but if the Social Security Administration’s predictions are correct, the names Brantley and Briella are climbing the charts the fastest! What other names are hot for 2012? Get a sneak peek into the hottest baby names of the year.

The reality show influence

Top Baby Names for 2011

The official list of the top baby names for 2011 is out — and it's sticking with some oldies but goodies, The Los Angeles Times and report. The No. 1 name in 2011 for boys was Jacob, and Sophia for girls, according to the Social Security Administration list.

Modern Baby Names with an Edge

These baby names have serious style! For those parents who don’t want old-fashioned names from the past, but more modern names for the future, we have rounded up unique and cool names perfect for trendsetting baby girls and baby boys. These baby names are modern, forward thinking and cool – just like you!

Edgy Names with X and Z