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Baby Girl Names

Top Baby Names for 2011

The official list of the top baby names for 2011 is out — and it's sticking with some oldies but goodies, The Los Angeles Times and report. The No. 1 name in 2011 for boys was Jacob, and Sophia for girls, according to the Social Security Administration list.

Modern Baby Names with an Edge

These baby names have serious style! For those parents who don’t want old-fashioned names from the past, but more modern names for the future, we have rounded up unique and cool names perfect for trendsetting baby girls and baby boys. These baby names are modern, forward thinking and cool – just like you!

Edgy Names with X and Z

Middle Name Trends for Girls

Have you found the perfect first name for your baby girl – but are stuck on the middle name? Let us help!

Virtue baby names, such as Faith and Hope, make beautiful middle names, as do flower names, such as Rose and Daisy. Whether you want a unique or quirky middle name, such as Ella Bleu, or a classic middle name, read on to check out the hottest middle names for girls.

Pretty Baby Names for Girls

Are you looking for a pretty baby name that is as beautiful as your baby girl? From feminine flower names like Daisy and Tulip to vintage names like Amelia and Beatrice, we rounded up our picks of the most delightful baby girl names.

Sugar and spice and everything nice—that’s what little girls are made of! These pretty baby girl names are the perfect choice for parents searching for names that are feminine and sweet—with a touch of sophistication.

Twin Baby Names

Baby names times two! You thought finding one baby name was tough until you found out you had to find two! Our twin baby name guide will take the stress out of your big decision. Whether you are having twin girls, twin boys or one of each, we rounded up great names for your double bundle of joy.

Short And Sweet Baby Names

A short and sweet baby name makes a big impact. These names are quirky, cute and delightfully easy to spell and pronounce. In fact, a short first name is a great way to balance out a long last name. Check out our picks of the best short and sweet baby names for girls and boys.

Short baby names are cool – without trying too hard. Whether you are looking for a shorter name that is unique, old fashioned or somewhere in between, we have rounded up our pick of the best short girl names and short boy names.

Old-Fashioned Baby Names

Old-fashioned baby names are like that great vintage dress—they are eternally cool and never go out of style. Many parents love classic girl and boy names because they remind of us a simpler, more innocent time. From Clayton and Wilson to Josephine and Lillian, check out our favorite old-fashioned baby names.

Baby Names: To Tell or Not To Tell?

Jessica's at that mid-point in pregnancy where lots of parents develop their short list of names. This is her second baby (another boy) and she's already used up her #1 boy name (Jackson).

She and her husband are batting name suggestions back and forth but some of them have already struck out at the grandparents' houses.

Name that Newborn

Despite the recent flurry of unique celebrity-baby names like Banjo and Pilot Inspektor, last year, most Americans gave their offspring traditional names. But parents drawn to the less tried-and-true may wonder how (or if) a child’s name might shape his identity and future. According to Los Angeles therapist Deborah McMahon, M.F.T., there’s plenty of power in a name. For example, she says, “having a difficult name to say adds difficulty to a person’s life. Names are one of the biggest causes of harassment of children.”

The Name Game

It's 2:09 a.m. and my husband's driving too slow, considering that I'm swearing—at him, at the pickup in front of us, at the road. My contractions are two minutes apart. The hospital is 10 miles away and one thought is pounding through my brain: "This child had better not be a boy." If it's a boy, he'll need a name, which means my husband and I will have to agree on one—and that's as likely as me getting to the delivery room in time for drugs.