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Baby Safety

The Biggest Baby Gear Recalls

Baby food, cribs, strollers, toys and more baby gear have been recalled recently. From IKEA MALM chests and drawers to Graco strollers, here are the latest products that have been recalled. Find out what you need to know to keep your baby safe. 


Colds During Pregnancy: Should You Worry?

Colds are never fun—least of all when you’re already fatigued from growing a baby inside of you. And now, new research finds another downside to having the sniffles when you’re pregnant: Colds during pregnancy are linked to an increased risk of your baby developing asthma, says a study in Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

SIDS Update: Many Babies Still Sleep With Soft Bedding

Is your baby safe while she sleeps? More than half of babies aren’t, according to a new study. A whopping 55 percent of U.S. infants still sleep with unsafe bedding (think: blankets or pillows in the crib), according to a new study in Pediatrics.

Toy Injuries in Kids Are Spiking. Here's Why

A new study warns it may not be all fun and games when it comes to the toys your child plays with. Toy-related injuries have increased by nearly 40 percent according to the findings published in the journal Clinical PediatricsThere were over 3 million incidents reported in emergency rooms across the U.S.

Don't Panic, But Your Baby Monitor Can Be Hacked

You thought it was bad when hackers got your credit card info from Target. You hated it when you had to send out an apology to your entire contact list after someone hacked your email. But finding out someone hacked your baby monitor? That may just be the lowest of the low.

Falls Are the Top Cause of Head Injuries in Babies

Falls are the number one cause of head injuries in children, according to new research published in the New England Journal of MedicineFor babies and toddlers under the age of two, falls account for 77 percent of head

Alert! Huge Stroller Recall

Graco recalled 11 different stroller models today due to the folding hinge on the sides of the stroller, which can pinch a child's finger, posing the risk of a cut or worse—an amputation. About 4.7 million strollers in the U.S. are affected under the Graco and Century-brand names, according to

Sofa Sleeping Ups SIDS Risk for Babies

The most dangerous place for your baby to sleep is the sofa, according to a new study. Of over 9,000 sleep-related infant deaths between 2004 and 2012, nearly 13 percent occurred on a sofa—most in babies under three months old, according to new research published in Pediatrics.

The New-Mom Guide to Protecting Baby From the Sun

As you well know, your baby's skin is incredibly delicate, making it extra sensitive and likely to burn: “Babies should be in the sun as little as possible,” says Laura Calili, M.D., pediatrician with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University HealthPlus, babies aren’t great at regulating their internal temperatures because their nervous systems aren’t fully developed yet, which means they can overheat easily, says Dr.