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Baby Safety

Vaccination Vindication

Measles, pertussis (whooping cough) and Hib meningitis—all vaccine-preventable diseases—are making a comeback in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the time of writing, 2011 was on track to be another record year for measles, a potentially deadly illness; 10 infants died in California in 2010 from pertussis; and five Minnesota children contracted Hib meningitis in 2008, resulting in one death.

BPA Alert

The battle over BPA rages on, ABC News and Time magazine report. The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected a petition by environmental groups to ban the chemical bisphenol A, saying that there is not enough scientific evidence that it causes harm in humans, ABC News reports.

Newborn Safety Rules And Why They Apply To Everyone

Every now and then we hear a news story about a baby that’s kidnapped from a maternity ward. It’s rare, it’s terrifying and it freaks parents and hospital staff out. What happens more frequently is when non-custodial parents or parents who aren’t allowed to take their baby home from the hospital (because of criminal activities or because they’ve lost parenting rights) try to sneak their baby out of the hospital. It’s because of these rare events that hospitals have tight newborn security policies.

Safety First

The hair salon

Natural Healing

When choosing an alternative therapy for your baby, it’s essential to know what really works and is safe for the younger set. “There’s so little scientific evidence for safety or efficacy when it comes to the use of natural therapies for babies,” says New York City pediatrician Stuart Ditchek, M.D., author of Healthy Child, Whole Child (HarperCollins).

Safety of Baby Shampoo Questioned

Johnson's Baby Shampoo, one of the world's most widely used baby care products, is being targeted by environmental health groups, The Associated Press reports.

Hidden Hazards

Parents everywhere took notice when reports surfaced earlier this year about the accidental strangulations of seven babies (and three close calls) by nursery monitor cords since 2002. The monitors were recalled (see box, below) and given a new label warning that the unit should be placed farther than three feet from the crib so babies can’t reach it.

Keeping Babies Safe From Radiation

Radiation is kind of like the boogey-man. You can’t see it. You don’t know when it’s going to get you, but you know it’s there and it’s scary…really scary. Ever since the earthquake hit Japan, people have been terrified that excess radiation could damage their health. The silver lining of our current radiation fear is that it’s brought people into an international conversation about how much radiation is too much. The answer: We don’t exactly know. We do know, however, that we don’t want to be exposed to any more of it than absolutely necessary. Why not?

Mobility and Constant Motion

Yeah, so much mobility, as I said last week. Tuck has really gotten the hang of crawling, though it isn’t a pretty, smooth action yet. But he is a madman, moving all over the place so fast we can’t even figure out how he’s doing it. We lowered the crib mattress last week because he suddenly figured out how to sit up/try to climb over the edge. This morning he’d pulled a blanket rack over to himself and gotten a blanket into his crib (that’s been moved).

Dinner on the Bathroom Floor

Did I say I was apprehensive about Florida? Trust your gut, is all I have to say. Tucker acted like a newborn until the final two nights of the trip, up every few hours and screaming bloody murder every time we tried to put him down. Some nights he literally would not let us stop holding him, even lie between us in bed. We finally had to just let him cry it out (in the crib) *in a hotel,* can you imagine? We actually gave a bottle of wine to the people in the next room. Ugh.