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Baby Safety

Safety First


Mold and Allergies

It must be "mold season."  I've gotten several emails recently from worried women who've discovered mold growing in their walls, bathrooms, couches and offices.  They're frightened mold could damage their baby's health or cause miscarriage. When they went online to do "mold research" what they found scared the bejeezus out them. Let's see if we can take some of the fear factor out of this moldy situation.

Car Seat Shopping


Rear-facing infant seats are smaller and plug into a base that stays in your car so you can take your sleeping baby out of the car without waking him. Make sure yours is compatible with your stroller.

Convertible car seats stay installed in your car but do double duty by allowing an infant to ride in the rear-facing position for the recommended time period, from birth until he turns 1 or weighs at least 20 pounds (though longer is better). The seat can then be turned around to the forward-facing position.

Going Green

There's no better time than pregnancy to think about creating a healthier environment for your baby and yourself. Even little changes in your home, your behaviours, and your diet will help protect your growing family and the planet your baby will inherit. Here's your one-stop resource for making your pregnancy a greener, more eco-conscious pregnancy.

Chlorine Safety


No. Many natural barriers in your body, including the cervix and amniotic sac, protect your baby from external substances such as chlorine in a pool or even soapy bath water. In fact, swimming is one of the most beneficial and comfortable forms of exercise you can do during pregnancy, as the water imparts a weightlessness that many women find soothing. That said, I recommend that you check with your doctor before beginning (or continuing) any exercise program.

Study Highlights Co-sleeping Dangers

A new year, a new study about babies and sleep: Federal health officials report that infant deaths blamed on accidental strangulation and suffocation in bed have increased sharply in the U.S., The New York Times reports. The news has reignited a simmering debate over the rising number of parents who sleep with their babies, also known as "bed-sharing" or "co-sleeping."

Co-sleeping Debate Goes On

Two new reports on co-sleeping with a baby were released this week, adding to the confusion that seems to dog this practice.

How to Install a Car Seat

Follow our step-by-step instructions on installing a rear-facing car seat. Once you've done your best to install your seat, pay a visit to a certified CPS technician for a once-over.

A technician will determine if and how the seat fits your vehicle and your child, check to make sure that the product has not been recalled, and—most important—make sure you know how to correctly install it by yourself.