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Baby Sleep

How Safe is Your Baby's Nursery?

Decorating your baby's room can be a ton of fun, but appearance shouldn't be your only concern. "We love a good-looking nursery, but baby's safety should always be top priority when planning for the space," says Pam Ginocchio, co-founder of Project Nursery. "Fortunately, style and safety go hand in hand these days."

As you map out your child's living space, consider these expert tips surrounding the different aspects of your nursery to keep her happy—and healthy—at home.

Family Travel Tips: Enjoy Your First Vacation with Baby

In your pre-baby life, your biggest vacation worry was fitting all your sundresses into one suitcase, or choosing the perfect babymoon for you and your partner. Now you’ve got a car seat, a stroller and a week’s worth of diapers to contend with—and you haven’t even hit security.

3 Ways to Caress Your Baby for a Stronger Bond

With Baby’s silky soft skin and intoxicating scent, it’s nearly impossible to keep your hands off of your newborn. Now, new research gives you even more reason to get close to your little one.

Should You Rethink Your Baby's Sound Machine?

We get it: You'll do anything to help your baby sleep. (Who could blame you?) But white noise machines may have an unexpected downside. Here's how to reduce the risk. 

Cold-Weather Sleep Tips for Baby's Safety

It’s a mother’s instinct to keep her baby safe and warm. Yet, despite frosty outside temperatures, resist the urge to overbundle your baby or to keep the nursery too warm: Several studies show that overdressing and overheating increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). While it's natural to want to keep your baby cozy, being too warm is actually a risk for SIDS because your baby needs to be able to lose heat to regulate her system.

Ease Baby's Cold and Sneezes

Just like us humans, cold viruses are indoors this time of year instead of chilling outside, so they get lots of opportunities to infect us. Infants are especially susceptible to the common cold because they haven’t developed resistance to most of the viruses that cause them. That’s why the most recommended cold-prevention strategy—washing hands frequently—is especially important for anyone handling your baby, says Kenneth E. Katz, M.D., a pediatrician in Littleton, Colo.