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Baby Sleep

Get On The Sleep Train

If getting your baby to sleep is a singing, rocking and jiggling process that’s exhausting the whole family, you may want to consider sleep training. “The process involves teaching your baby a new way of going to sleep, usually from being rocked or fed to sleep to falling asleep in her crib,” says Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., author of Sleep Deprived No More (Da Capo Press).

Buyer Beware When It Comes to Crib Bedding

A new report from MSNBC and the Today show reveals that retail stores across the United States are continuing to actively promote soft and cushy baby bedding and sleep products despite repeated warnings from health officials against using anything in cribs except a flat sheet.

Don't Pass on the Pacifiers

A new study says it's time to bring back the binky (or paci, chewie or whatever it's called in your house), reports.

Wrap Your Baby Right

Swaddling your newborn may help her wake less at night, sleep longer and calm her crying, but improper technique could have an unintended side effect: hip dysplasia, or problems with the hip joint, according to some pediatric orthopedists. Seventeen percent of newborns have some degree of “immaturity” of their hips, studies show, which usually resolves on its own in the first few months of life. While this happens to coincide with prime swaddling time, it’s safe to wrap your baby as long as the hips can move and bend, experts agree.

Cry-It-Out Method

In an interview with Robert Sears, M.D., author of The Portable Pediatrician book and app, we asked about the practice of letting a baby “cry it out,” and he made some interesting points: “Newborn babies are just not made to sleep through the night,” he said.

A Busy Bookworm

Life sure is busy with an active toddler. We’ve been spending a lot of time at various parks, despite the finally-seasonally-cold weather, because too much time inside leads to all sorts of crazy. (Speaking of cold weather, does anyone have experience with a stroller bunting that works well in the UppaBaby Vista?

Spring Music

Monday started off cloudy and dismal, but by afternoon the sun was shining and it was *thisclose* to being hot out. We went for a long walk around lunchtime, and after Tucker’s second nap (more on that in a moment) we went to the park outside the library, spread out our picnic blanket, and hung out under a tree until we had to head home for dinner. Tucker was so happy—he just sat there taking his toys out of the little bag I store them in inside my tote, chewing on the bag, chewing on the toys, and shaking his new tambourine.

Six Months Old!

Dear Tucker-

Cold and Dry

First of all, we are still sans humidifier. I ended up ordering a different Crane model, one of the cute animal ones. When it arrived I excitedly (my life! it is full of thrills!) set it up and started it running, and while a fine mist blew out of the penguins beak I thought, “wow, the water is draining into the reservoir awfully fast. That must be half a gallon already.

Nap Standoff Update: The Baby is Winning

I know this is boring. It’s boring for me, too. Every week “He sleeps! But not during the day!” Oh. My. God. The new wrinkle is a rejection of the pacifier and yet furious confusion over it being gone. Tucker’s active little hands sneak up to remove the pacifier (or fend off the adult who is trying to pop it in) with increasing vehemence, but he has a lot of trouble winding down to sleep without it. Oy.