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Baby Toys And Activities

8 Outdoor Adventures to Have With Your Baby

You're hot, he's hot, and there's nothing worse than being stuck inside with a sticky baby who wants nothing more than to roll around on some grass. Instead of running that air conditioner on high all season, opt to make this summer the year of outdoor adventures with your littlest friend. Not only is your pint-size love the easiest companion to tote around (it's all the things that come with him that weigh you down), but he's also amazed at every natural wonder he sees.

My Biggest Mom Regrets

My son yelled at my ovaries the other day. It was during a conversation about how much he really wants a baby sister (even though he can't properly take care of his guinea pig). I reminded him that I am perfectly content with our little family and that I have no desire to deal with babysitters, dirty diapers, projectile vomit or sore nipples ever again.

The Parenting Advice You Haven't Heard Yet

We all want to raise kind, compassionate kids, and it turns out that dancing with your baby (yes, dancing) can help you accomplish this goal, according to a new study published in Developmental Science.

Emotional Development in Infants: How it Evolves

If you've seen the video of the cute baby crying in response to his mother's singing (see clips above), you've probably thought two things. (1.) OMG that's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And (2.) Can a baby really have that kind of emotional reaction to music? Here, a response to the latter. Related: Child Development: When Will Baby Have Hand-Eye Coordination?

The Truth About Raising a Bilingual Baby

If you’re fluent in two or more languages, you might be considering passing that knowledge down to your little one. Experts like François Grosjean, Ph.D., author of four books on bilingualism, point out that teaching your tot multiple languages will mean that he can speak with family members who don’t know English (more bonding time!). Bilingualism will also help with open-mindedness and, once Baby’s all grown up, even job opportunities. Most importantly, bilingual education won’t confuse your tyke.

Child Development: When Will Baby Have Hand-Eye Coordination?

While your newborn’s intermittently crossed eyes may be reminiscent of a Siamese cat, rest assured that this lack of muscle control is completely normal. "Newborns aren't able to see clearly much farther than about arm's length away, and their eyes will often cross as they try to focus on objects," explains heather Burrows, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatrician in Ann Arbor, Mich., and a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan.