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Baby Toys And Activities

Exploring With The Hands And Mouth

Has your baby left you at wits’ end, what with the shoes, toys and sweaters—and everything in between—making their way into her mouth? Rest assured that every baby does this, and it’s totally normal. In fact, it’s a prerequisite to being a healthy infant.

Gear Up

This week I was in Louisville, Ky., for the annual ABC Kids Expo for a sneak peek at the latest and greatest baby gear. My five favorite finds feature good design, are über user-friendly and each one had me asking, why didn’t I think of that?

The Lowdown On Hand-Me-Downs

A friend offers you the car seat her son has outgrown. Should you accept it?

Probably not, unless the seat is almost new and you are certain it has never been in an accident or subject to a recall.

Just Give Me A List

“Do you like the espresso diaper bag with the tangerine piping or the black bag with the copper trim? And what do you think of the inflatable breastfeeding pillow compared with the foam one?” During my pregnancy, I got emails like this every day—from my husband, Paul. In charge of our baby registry, he spent hours online researching the merits of audio versus video baby monitors. I found the world of baby paraphernalia daunting, but Paul transferred his passion for sports gear to an obsession with baby stuff.

Hidden Hazards

Parents everywhere took notice when reports surfaced earlier this year about the accidental strangulations of seven babies (and three close calls) by nursery monitor cords since 2002. The monitors were recalled (see box, below) and given a new label warning that the unit should be placed farther than three feet from the crib so babies can’t reach it.

The Container Game

One of the most fascinating things you’ll witness as your baby grows older is his gradual realization that he can explore and control his world without having to rely on someone else to do it for him. “Babies begin to develop an understanding of cause-and-effect, which is a big point in their development,” says Jennifer Butcher, Ph.D., a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. “If they shake a rattle, it makes a sound. If they let go of an object, it falls.”

Engaging Activities for You and Your Infant


These activities require little to no preparation or materials; but don't let their simplicity fool you!  They build on one another, promote developmental skills, provide a solid foundation for learning and, at the same time, promote lasting parent-child relationships. 

New Mom Must-Haves

In the weeks before your due date, you’ll want to gather the necessities, such as bodysuits and diapers. Pack an organic cotton bodysuit or sleep sack in your hospital bag for baby’s going-home outfit; they’re cozy and allow you easy access for diaper changes. Stock up on newborn-sized diapers; your baby will use eight to 12 of them a day.