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Baby Toys And Activities

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Tiny Love Developlay Activity Center $30 Babies 3 to 9 months old will enjoy activities such as gazing in the mirror and pressing the happy face on one side; those 10 months and older can push and pull levers and make music on the opposite side. 800-843-6292,

6 Secrets to Hosting a Happy First-Birthday Party

Although your baby is not likely to remember anything about her first birthday, it’s still a milestone that adults like to commemorate, usually with a party. Follow these tips to keep the celebration simple so you don’t overwhelm your little one.

Keep the time in mind Schedule festivities to begin soon after your baby wakes from her morning or afternoon nap, and limit the party to one-and-a-half to two hours.

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Teaching Your Baby To Sign

As any mother of a toddler will tell you, a child often knows what she wants long before she can say it. Sign language may be the key to avoiding communication meltdowns as long as you're committed to learning and using signs. Here are some pointers: