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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Dial Down Your Pregnancy Discomfort

Ease pregnancy discomforts with this move by Sue Hitzmann, M.S., C.S.T., N.M.T., creator of MELT and author of The MELT Method (Harperone). “Doing the soft Ball Foot treatment for just five minutes five times a week will reduce aches in your low back, pelvis, and feet,” Hitzmann says.

Week 24: Back Aches and Belly Envy

In the last four weeks since the previous blog, what I’ve noticed most is that my pregnancy symptoms seem to be amping up a bit. Still minor overall, but here’s an example: At 22 weeks pregnant, my emotions bubbled up.

Pain, Essential Oils and Heat During Pregnancy

There are a lot of creaky, achy pregnant women out there. I received a couple emails with follow-up questions after my article about pelvic pain. Two readers want to know if it’s normal to have achy pelvic bones during the first and second trimesters. Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Back and Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy

I’ve heard it said so many times: Pregnancy is a pain in the butt. It’s a lot of things: miraculous, joyous, nauseating, blotchy, exhausting, itchy and fun. Sometimes, however, that pain in the butt is really painful and you can’t help but wonder, really – is it worth it?