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Birth Stories

Woman Gives Birth an Hour After Learning She's Pregnant

When Judy Brown went to the hospital with severe abdominal pain, she got the surprise of her life: She found out she was pregnant. Very pregnant. In fact, she was already in labor.

Brown, 47, gave birth to a healthy baby girl just one hour later. Not surprisingly, Brown's story has gone viral.

Photographer Demos How Baby Fits in Womb

Right after a baby is born, there's a special moment that Dutch birth photographer Marry Fermont loves to photograph. It's not the second that mom sees her newborn for the first time, or the moment dad cuts the umbilical cord.

Husband Films Wife Giving Birth in Their Car

Well, this is one for the outrageous birth books!
Almost 8 million people have viewed Lesia Pettijohn giving birth to her son, Josiah, while her husband, Jon, filmed the whole thing.

Your Baby is Breech: Now What?

For weeks I had been proudly prompting people to pat my baby's butt. That sounds worse than it was: I was about 35 weeks pregnant, and you could feel a hard knob where her behind jutted out from my belly. When it was my doctor's turn, she furrowed her brow. "Hmmm," she said. "You may have a breech baby." She pulled a mobile ultrasound machine into the room, smeared goo on my belly and started peeking around.

Why Kristen Bell Really Enjoyed Her Epidural

When Kristen Bell gave birth to her second daughter, Delta, 7 weeks ago, an unexpected c-section led to an unexpected epidural. Although a more natural birth may have been in the original plans, taking the labor drugs actually “felt really great”, she told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday.

5 Ways to Combat C-Section Judgement

Brooke Kyle, M.D., an obstetrician in Eugene, Ore., birthed all three of her kids via Caesarean section. “There’s pressure that makes people feel like their birth is less worthy if they have to choose a C-section,” Kyle says. At first, she felt beaten that she couldn’t deliver vaginally, but “now I own it and I’m proud of my birth experience,” she says. You can, too!

Pictures of Your Birth: Go Pro or Opt for the Selfie?

It's never questioned that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and bringing a baby into the world is one of the most miraculous things someone can experience in their lifetime. Still, does that mean you need to be snapping pics in the delivery room? 

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Can Childbirth Cause PTSD?

It’s something soldiers often suffer after being in combat situations: frightening flashbacks and panic attacks due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So when Meeka Centimano experienced similar symptoms after a pretty ordinary birth experience—an 11-hour labor in the hospital before delivering a healthy baby girl vaginally—she didn’t understand why.

Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives

My prenatal yoga class was filled with bright, educated ladies in possession of the lunatic belief that they could create and fulfill natural “birth plans.” One woman anticipated a jungle-themed delivery, complete with bird song recordings. Rather than feeling inspired, I found myself turned off.

6 Common Complaints About Epidurals

Now that I’ve spent two weeks spouting tips for a natural birth, let’s give epidurals some equal play. Around 61 percent of you will get an epidural at some point in your labor, so let’s answer a few nitty-gritty questions. But first, let’s start with some common complaints women have about their epidural experiences: