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Birth Stories

Introducing Jack Rousmaniere!

Our baby boy is here!

Ricki Lake Interview

Former TV host Ricki Lake’s older son, Milo, was born 12 years ago in a New York City hospital. “After so many months of preparation . . . I was never in control. I had wanted to feel everything, but all I remembered of labor was fear and panic,” she writes in the preface to Your Best Birth. Shortly thereafter, Lake became a self-described birth junkie; and five years later her second son, Owen, was delivered at home, in water, by a midwife. “I chose to go against much of the advice given to me and did what I wanted, and it turned out even better than I expected,” she writes.

C-Section Extras

Fit Pregnancy contributing editor Carole Anderson Lucia narrates behind-the-scenes footage from her C-section with twins Claire and Aidan at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women in San Diego.

The Dawn of Lena: Part 1

Hello from the other end of the rainbow!

Because I'm so long-winded, and because I know that if I were a reader, I'd want every single detail, I'm going to split this into two entries: one to post on Monday, and one on Thursday. (Have I cleared this with my beloved editor? No! So here's hoping it works for her.)

The Dawn of Lena: Part 2

Hello again! The continuation of Lena's birth story...

On the way to the hospital, my contractions got more intense. We stopped at a cafe on the way there for my "farmer's breakfast" on the orders of Michelle (my doula), and I had to stop and lean against the wall next to the organic juice. I wanted to believe this was all a great sign of progress! Dilation! Closer to the baby actually being born! But I was so boy-who-cried-wolf at that point that I didn't trust it.

Welcome, Baby Lena!

Emily and Aron welcomed their baby girl, Lena, into the world at 4:54 on Thursday, October 18th, weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Aron writes that Lena and Emily are healthy, happy, and resting, and that "Emily was amazing." (We knew she would be!)

Congratulations to Emily, Aron, and big sister Sylvia, and welcome to the world, little Lena!

—The Fit Pregnancy Editors

Check back on Monday, when Emily will be back to share the story of Lena's birth.

Shelley Gives Birth!

On October 15 at 2:49 a.m., two days past my due date, my son, David Nelson, arrived weighing exactly 8 lbs. We're now at home resting comfortably as we get to know each other. I can't wait to write David's birth story and share it with you all, so tune in next week. For now, Nelson, the girls and I are adjusting to our new life as a family of five. We're so thrilled to have David with us. The joy I feel as his mother is overwhelming.—Shelley

Check in next week to hear more about Shelley's birth story and her precious new baby boy.

A Birth Story: The Things You Forget

I had forgotten what it feels like when the nurse places the baby in your arms for the first time. I had forgotten that even though it's the first time you are meeting him, it also feels as though you've known him forever. I had forgotten that any doubt you ever had about loving your baby will be swept away with your baby's first gulp of air.


Though I've moved on, into a world of proud, incredulous, overwhelmed parenthood, I have to start here by saying that the birth was not in line with what I wanted, and no matter how many people point out the result—a wonderful, healthy baby—I still think that the reality of this life-altering experience should be honored, not tucked away.

Everything I Hoped For

I worked the loveliest labor recently. Marisol and Carlos* arrived on our unit early in my 7AM to 7PM shift, the first patients of my day. I'd woken up that morning hoping for a sweet couple with one of my favorite midwives and to steer clear of the operating room. One never knows what's going to happen on any shift. I could be assigned to anyone: the 7:30 scheduled c-section, an induction, three postpartum mother-baby couplets, the 10AM D&C for miscarriage, outpatients, or any one of a number of labor scenarios.