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Birth Stories

A Birth Story: The Things You Forget

I had forgotten what it feels like when the nurse places the baby in your arms for the first time. I had forgotten that even though it's the first time you are meeting him, it also feels as though you've known him forever. I had forgotten that any doubt you ever had about loving your baby will be swept away with your baby's first gulp of air.


Though I've moved on, into a world of proud, incredulous, overwhelmed parenthood, I have to start here by saying that the birth was not in line with what I wanted, and no matter how many people point out the result—a wonderful, healthy baby—I still think that the reality of this life-altering experience should be honored, not tucked away.

Everything I Hoped For

I worked the loveliest labor recently. Marisol and Carlos* arrived on our unit early in my 7AM to 7PM shift, the first patients of my day. I'd woken up that morning hoping for a sweet couple with one of my favorite midwives and to steer clear of the operating room. One never knows what's going to happen on any shift. I could be assigned to anyone: the 7:30 scheduled c-section, an induction, three postpartum mother-baby couplets, the 10AM D&C for miscarriage, outpatients, or any one of a number of labor scenarios.

Real Life Stories: Home Births

"I was happy to be in my own bed. But let's face it: Birth without drugs sucks." —Mardi Douglass, Seattle

Three Women, Three Babies

Delivering a baby seems so easy on TV sitcoms: A woman announces she's in labor, rushes to the hospital (joking all the way), and pops out a perfect baby. In real life, however, deliveries don't follow a script. Giving birth can be anything from a practically spontaneous event to a medical emergency.