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Blood Tests

The Lowest Lowdown on Hypothyroidism

I got another sad email this week from a grandmother. Kristen's daughter is pregnant with her second baby. The first, I'm very sad to report, died at birth. Kristen says the baby was born very underweight (only 4 pounds) but not premature. There was a lot of meconium and the placenta was very small. Kristen's daughter has hypothyroidism but took excellent care of her health throughout her pregnancy. Still, tragedy hit hard. Now that she's expecting her second baby, it's impossible not to feel anxious about losing another baby.

Gestational Diabetes Tied to Language Delays

Infants born to mothers with gestational diabetes were twice as likely to have language delays than other children, The New York Times reports.

Testing Your Blood Sugar

Step 1: The Glucose Challenge
You drink a concentrated glucose beverage, then wait an hour for a blood test. If your one-hour blood-sugar level is more than 140 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of plasma (mg/dL) but less than 200 mg/dL, you'll be referred to Step 2 for a more definitive diagnosis. If it exceeds 200, you'll be diagnosed with GDM and won't need further testing.

A Worrisome Wait

Laura Randolph 30, California
Laura's tips for dealing with a potentially problematic pregnancy:
•Talk to friends about your situation--they may have dealt with a similar dilemma.
•If you're dealing with AFP test results, focus on the statistics that show a high number of false positives.
•Try not to let your emotions get the best of you or to allow worries to spiral out of control.