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Bringing Home Baby

Kangaroo Care: 9 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

While every mother has an unbreakable bond with her child, some parent-child relationships are stronger than others. And, as it turns out, 2 in 5 children grow up lacking secure attachment to their parents, according to a recent review of more than 100 studies and 14,000 children. These children are more likely to do poorly in school and suffer from depression than children who are securely attached to their parents.

4 Easy-to-Use Cloth Diapers

With cheerful fabrics, major moisture-wicking abilities and ouch-free fasteners, modern cloth diapers are nothing like the nappies your grandma used. They make changes a snap and don’t clog landfills. Plus, choosing cloth saves money, too. “It’s possible to get set up with cloth diapers and accessories for around $350 to $500 for 2½ years of use,” says Paula DeVore, cloth diapering expert and owner of Babyworks, who notes that disposable diapers over the same time frame may cost upward of $1,800.

How To Breastfeed: Deep Latch Technique

Related: Step-by-step photos on how to breastfeed. Corky Harvey, R.N., M.S. is a lactation consultant and co-owner of The Pump Station.

What to Expect After Giving Birth in a Hospital

The day after I gave birth to my daughter, Olivia, I decided to take her for a walk down the hall. Within seconds, nurses came flying at me from every direction and herded me frantically back to my room. I had unwittingly set out for my walk carrying Olivia in my arms—a huge no-no, they told me, because I could become dizzy and fall due to blood loss. Most hospitals insist that you stroll with your baby in her wheeled bassinet. Who knew?

Car Seats 101

Overwhelmed by the number of choices in products? Get answers to all of your important questions with our guide to Car Seats 101.

The Importance of Car Seats

A car seat is one of the most important gear purchases you're going to make as a new parent. It is one of the only products you will ever buy for your child that has the potential to actually save their life.

Why We Shouldn’t Lie About New Motherhood

Just the headline of Jody Pelatson’s piece for the Atlantic was enough to give me chills: “Before I Forget: What Nobody Remembers About New Motherhood.” In this essay, Pelatson recounts one those universally frustrating experiences of new motherhood—when, in a frazzled, sleep-deprived moment, some older woman says to you (meaning well, of course) “You must be on cloud 9,” or else, “Enjoy every moment!”

Stop Judging The Royals: We Were All Once First-Time Parents

Let the royal baby/parent judging begin. Right from the get go, media outlets, bloggers and journalists are already criticizing Princess Catherine and Prince William as parents and finding them lacking.

5 Things You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

It’s an almost inconceivable thought: being so depressed that you have no interest in, or are incapable of, caring for your baby. Yet it happens: Between 800,000 and 1 million women are diagnosed with postpartum depression (PPD) every year in the U.S.

Here’s what you need to know about this common, yet entirely treatable, condition.