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Bringing Home Baby

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is caused by the buildup in the blood and skin of bilirubin, a byproduct released when red blood cells are broken down in the body. It can occur within 24 hours of birth or gradually appear over the first few days. Occurring in more than half of newborns, it’s easy to spot: your baby’s skin and eyes will have a yellow cast.

Safety First


Surviving the 4th Trimester

This is it. 12 weeks. The end of the "fourth trimester." I just looked back at my blog about Charlie at 12 weeks and confirmed that this is when we were starting to emerge from the baby cave and blink into the light.  Things were definitely starting to get easier. Julia was almost potty trained…I was fitting back into my pre-pregnancy pants…Charlie was starting to sleep through the night…

Squirmy Baby

As exciting as new milestones can be, they also can present new challenges. “Around the age of 5 or 6 months, when your baby has mastered rolling over, she’ll want to explore and see what’s going on, not stay still,” says Ari Brown, M.D., a pediatrician in Austin, Texas, and co-author of 2007’s Baby 411. “This can make diapering a chore.” Try the following mom-tested strategies to keep a busy baby still—and you clean—while cleaning a messy bum.

Swaddling Tips

Multiple studies show that swaddling your newborn may help her wake less at night, sleep longer and calm her crying.

Extra Care for Early Babies


Since your baby had some breathing problems at birth, he is more prone to developing them during the first year or two of life. To keep him from being exposed to germs that could cause an infection, limit his contact with anyone but family and close friends as much as possible during his first winter (when viruses are most rampant), and have people wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before holding him. Also discourage all preschoolers from coming into contact with your son (barring siblings, of course), as they are notorious germ carriers.

The Train Wreck That Is My Body

I guess it’s no small coincidence that I’ve chosen the day after our nation’s biggest food holiday to size up my post-baby body.  And let me tell you: It’s not pretty.

The photo you see here is where I’m starting from.  Five weeks ago, my belly was in the stratosphere. I wish I were brave enough to post a photo of what it looks like now. Because there really are no words.

Our First Month

I thought that labor would be the real test of my strength and endurance.  What I should have known, but had somehow forgotten, is that it’s after the baby’s born when the real labor begins.

Bonding with Baby

But it may have even more benefits:

Proponents say that just five to 10 minutes of gentle touch daily can stimulate your baby’s digestion, boost immunity and prepare her for deeper, more restful sleep. Convinced? Here are some do’s and don’ts from Teresa Kirkpatrick-Ramsey, founder of Baby’s First Massage, a certification program in Dayton, Ohio


Cracked Nipples


Painful, cracked nipples are most often caused by an incorrect latch, Morton says. So when you breastfeed, make sure your baby is positioned properly: on her side, with your bellies touching. Also ensure that she takes your entire nipple and a good portion of the areola in her mouth. If adjusting your nursing style doesn’t help, consult a lactation expert ASAP; visit the International Lactation Consultant Association at for a referral.