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Celebrity Pregnancy

The Green Queen


Sarah Chalke Interview

We’ve watched Sarah Chalke, 33, grow up on television: First, as daughter Becky on Roseanne, then as Dr. Elliot Reid on Scrubs. Now she plays recurring character Stella on How I Met Your Mother. Her newest role—parent, along with fiancé Jamie Afifi—is scheduled to kick off on Christmas Day, her due date. We talked with her at this issue’s cover photo shoot, just five weeks before her big day.
Fit Pregnancy: How have you liked being pregnant?

Celebrity Skin Secrets

Michelle Williams Applied NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen ($45) when expecting. Using sunscreen daily helps prevent melasma.
Angelina Jolie Is a fan of Shea Terra Organics Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment Oil ($27). Packed with shea butter and essential oils, it hydrates dry bellies.
Christy Turlington Burns

Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

It’s a stormy day in New York City, but Daphne Oz is beaming. On a busy day of from shooting ABC’s food-focused talk show The Chew, she’s sitting in a photo studio crafting an email to her sister while her blond streaked hair is pinned into loops that will soon be luxurious waves, her aqua eyes are getting the smoky treatment and her toes are receiving final touches from a pedicurist.

Celebrities Improve Mothers Lives

Celebrities don’t just help motherhood en vogue; they also focus attention on causes important to families, such as efforts to end poverty, hunger and childhood disease. And while many of us are familiar with actress Angelina Jolie’s good deeds on behalf of the United Nations, and former model Christy Turlington Burns’ work for CARE, we thought you should know about some other stars’ charitable efforts.

Christy Turlington Saves Women's Lives

This past January I found myself far from home, sitting with four women waiting to go into labor at Hogar Materno (Maternity House) in Vilcashuaman, Peru. Their midwife, Sofia, hovered nearby. The whitewashed building, nestled among sprouting vegetable gardens, is a short walk from the tiny health center’s obstetrical unit. At the time, it was home to 10 moms-to-be, their families and even livestock during the women’s last weeks of pregnancy.

Q&A with Angie Everhart

She’s graced the covers of Elle and Glamour magazines. She’s posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and Playboy. She’s acted in films such as Last Action Hero and Bare Witness, as well as television series including Celebrity Mole and The Ex-Wives Club. And now, supermodel Angie Everhart is taking on the role of a lifetime: motherhood. We spoke to her by phone during the 39th week of her pregnancy.