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Celebrity Mom-To-Be Drops Vegan Diet—For Now

The web is buzzing this week around the news that actress Natalie Portman has decided to give up veganism during her pregnancy, according to reports in US Weekly magazine, the website Popeater and various news outlets. The pregnant Oscar winner is now a vegetarian, the articles report.

Kate Dillon

Fit Pregnancy cover model Kate Dillon (February/March 2011) said flexibility came in handy as she approached her due date (Dec. 14, 2010). "I'm going for as natural a delivery as possible," Dillon said in an interview during her 37th week. "My doctor and I have a pact that if my labor is progressing well, she won't give me an epidural, even if I ask for one. But if it's taking a long time, she will-and I'm thinking I'll be fine either way. I'm not emotionally invested in what happens."

Gear and Gifts for Baby Jonas

Behind the Scenes:  See photos from the shower, including Danielle's baby bump!

Calleigh from Raleigh


Green Anatomy

Jessica Capshaw, who plays pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, takes quite seriously her responsibility to provide her baby girl (and son Luke, 3) with a clean environment. 
“It’s crucial while you’re carrying a life inside of you,” she says.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas Cover-Shoot Video

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The Green Queen


Sarah Chalke Interview

We’ve watched Sarah Chalke, 33, grow up on television: First, as daughter Becky on Roseanne, then as Dr. Elliot Reid on Scrubs. Now she plays recurring character Stella on How I Met Your Mother. Her newest role—parent, along with fiancé Jamie Afifi—is scheduled to kick off on Christmas Day, her due date. We talked with her at this issue’s cover photo shoot, just five weeks before her big day.
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Celebrity Skin Secrets

Michelle Williams Applied NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen ($45) when expecting. Using sunscreen daily helps prevent melasma.
Angelina Jolie Is a fan of Shea Terra Organics Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment Oil ($27). Packed with shea butter and essential oils, it hydrates dry bellies.
Christy Turlington Burns