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Celebrity Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian Posts Pregnant Nude Selfie

Kim Kardashian West wants us all to shut up about her pregnant body. First the world says she's too skinny, then she's too small, then she's not even really pregnant. (Who really believes those surrogacy rumors, anyway?)

Nursing Blake Lively: Ryan Reynolds is Jealous

Yeah, sure it might be World Breastfeeding Week, but if you have a baby, you're likely celebrating all day, several times a day for much longer than a week, right? Even if you—and your boobs—sometimes wish you got a break, did you ever consider that your hubby might be a little jealous of that one-on-one time?

TV's Megan Alexander: 'Formula Works for Me'

Megan Alexander, the Inside Edition host and CBS Thursday Night Football correspondent, gave birth by C-section on July 30 to a baby boy—the appropriately-sporty-named Catcher Brian. He is little brother to her and husband Brian's 4-year-old son Chace.

Taylor Swift Meets Godson: Jaime King's Baby

Taylor Swift took a detour from her 1989 World Tour to meet her godson, Leo Thames Newman, born on July 16 and Jaime King's second son with husband Kyle Newman.

The sweet moment, where Swift is shown gazing lovingly into the newborn's eyes, was captured on the singer's Instagram feed with the caption "Meeting my boy."

Princess Charlotte Debuts in Christening Photos

Kensington Palace has released the official photos from Princess Charlotte's christening on July 5—and they are as gorgeous as you'd imagine.

Michael Bublé Posts Cute Baby Announcement

It's a pretty safe bet to say Michael Bublé is, as one of his biggest songs reveals, feeling good.

The Canadian-born crooner took to social media July 6 to announce that he and his wife, actress/model/singer Luisana Lopilato, are expecting baby no. 2.

Who Cares How Hilaria Baldwin Gave Birth?

When it comes to a pregnant woman's body, the internet sure has a lot to say. (OK, it always has things to say about women's bodies, but there's something about carrying a baby that makes it open season for comments.)

Britney Spears Pregnancy Parody Video a Hit

She's not a girl, not yet a mom-of-two—but she just created the most amazing pregnancy announcement video ever. You don't even need to be a Britney Spears fan to appreciate the pure brilliance of Machel Green and her hubby, Jerrad, who went all the way to the moon to reveal that, oops—they're pregnant again.

Surfer Bethany Hamilton Introduces Baby Boy

It's difficult not to be enamored with Bethany Hamilton.

The professional surfer, 25, gained serious media attention—not to mention a slew of new fans—back in 2003, when she lost her left arm in a shark attack during a surfing session in her home state of Hawaii. Hamilton's experience was chronicled in the 2011 hit movie Soul Surfer.