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Celebrity Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson’s Second Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson is the next poster-mom in the two-under-2 club. With Maxwell and Ace--freshly debuted via photos this week--now on the scene, she has babies that are less than a year-and-a-half apart.

Being A Nurse

Last week’s events surrounding Princess Kate really disturbed me as the prank perpetrated by a couple of DJs led to two nurses being publicly humiliated and bullied for answering their phones. The nurse who first fell victim to this joke believed the Queen of England was on the line and transferred the call to Kate’s nurse who gave out personal information. Each nurse made a mistake. Not a biggie, like administering the wrong drug or operating on the wrong patient.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum In Royal Spotlight

By now, everybody’s heard about Kate Middleton's severe morning sickness--both during her first pregnancy, and now during her second. What most people don’t know, is just how bad hyperemesis gravidarum (medical lingo for really, really, bad morning sickness) can be.

Reflections on Motherhood: Ivanka Trump

On her morning routine with daughter Arabella:
“I got her a subscription to National Geographic kids' magazine … and as I’m reading the newspaper each morning, she’ll flip through that or sit on my lap and ask me questions about what I am reading. She’s pretty verbal for a 2 year old, so she’s able to engage in these types of dialogues. It is very cute. Before it was just looking at pictures and pointing; now she’s able to tell me about the giant whale that she thinks is very cool.”

Ivanka's Mommy Musts



I make kale chips. I toss kale leaves with salt and pepper and olive oil. Then I roast them at 400° F for about 20 minutes. 


Skin care:

Beauty is another area I go organic during pregnancy. I use a lot of Tammy Fender products. They’re all organic and her creams have rich texture. 



So many organic diapers are brown; they look like recycled paper, not what you want to put on your cute baby! Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company makes the cutest organic diapers that really work. 

Southern Belle

Best known for her role as Delinda on Las Vegas (which ran for five years on NBC; currently on TNT) and her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue appearances, Molly Sims is expecting her first baby (a boy) with producer husband Scott Stuber. Born and raised in Kentucky, Sims, 39, has been modeling since 19, and also is an ambassador for Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity. Here, Sims reveals her unexpected craving, her favorite baby gear and what her parents got right.

Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan of Honest.com

The Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever at the Skirball Center was the place to be for expectant and new parents. Attendees were educated on topics ranging from sleep safety to healthy eating to navigating LA as a new mom—all while enjoying yummy treats and mocktails. Guest lecturers included Dr. Alan Greene, Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Dr. Harvey Karp, Dr. JJ Levenstein, The Guncles, Ali Landry, Samantha Ettus, Katie Vaughan, and Wendy Haldeman. Overflowing gift bags and prizes were given to all in attendance.

Keeping up with the Jonases

Kevin Jonas is one doting, do-it-all dad-to-be. In the past year, he and his band of bros, the multi-platinum pop group the Jonas Brothers, have performed for arenas of screaming fans, starred in music videos and worked on a new album, their first in four years. He’s building a dream home and waiting on his wife, Danielle, who’s due in February.