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Childbirth Education Class

Take a Class - Get A Clue

Kristen emailed, asking: When should I start childbirth classes? What kind and how do I find them? Darn good questions, Kristen. The quantity of classes, techniques, theories, and books about how to birth a baby are intense. No doubt, you've got a friend or sister who's all about one particular brand of childbirth or maybe you're thinking an epidural starting about now is a good plan. Maybe you've hit the Internet and been deluged with info touting the merits of one breathing technique over another and warning about the perils of uneducated childbirth. Back to our history lesson.

Have it Your Way

It’s inevitable: Sometime during pregnancy, you realize (with panic! with dread!) that the living, growing being inside you will have to come out. Not with a dainty parting of curtains or a gentle opening of doors, but with hard work, pushing and sweat: with labor. You realize that you need assistance, not of the “let me fetch you some iced tea” variety, but some serious, get-down-on-your-haunches help.