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First Trimester

The Importance of Folic Acid


Spina bifida is a condition in which the neural tube--the embryonic tissue that becomes the brain and spinal cord--does not close properly. The condition can range from mild, with little or no impairment at birth, to very serious, causing severe disability or, sadly, death.

Morning Sickness: The Upside

Morning sickness can be miserable, but it may serve the valuable purpose of keeping your diet as healthy as possible for your growing baby. (Not to mention, morning sickness might make your baby smarter.)

Get Smart

The more you read, watch and hear about pregnancy, the more confused and overwhelmed you're likely to become. We're here to help, with expert advice on the only 10 things you really need to do to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Your Pregnancy At-a-Glance

Pregnancy Discharge: Yeah It's a Thing

Most expectant moms spring for new undies: not sexy ones, but "granny panties." They not only accommodate a growing belly, they're good "tossaways," too. With all the things going on (and coming out!) down below during pregnancy, that comes in handy. Although what Erin Connor's* husband termed "baby batter"—increased vaginal discharge—occurs in almost all pregnancies, many women don't expect it. "I obsessed over it," says the Miller Place, N.Y., mother of two. "I would analyze the discharge and convince myself something was horribly wrong."