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Fourth Trimester

15 Brilliant Ways to Calm Your Baby

Your baby spent 40 weeks in a quiet, warm, dark womb, and suddenly emerges in a loud, bright, open world. (The guy with the camera! The lights! The booming voices!) Talk about a trippy transition. From her first day on Earth, your newborn is full-out using the senses that she developed in utero. The overwhelming onslaught of sights and sounds is more than enough to warrant some crying from your little blueberry.

Is Your Relationship Missing This Crucial Quality?

Flowers, candy, and back rubs are great, but if you don't bring the compassion into play, you're only doing half of the job. But what does compassion really mean? Don't go running to Think about what compassion means to you specifically, and where it's lacking in your life, your career, and your relationship. My guess is that you haven't considered this as much as you have considered concepts like love, understanding, and caring...

The Best Postpartum Birth Control

People joke that having kids is the best form of birth control, but if you don’t want another baby right away, you need a method that really  works. Plus, research shows it’s optimal to wait at least 18 months before conceiving again in order to reduce the risk of having a preterm birth or a baby with low birthweight.

4 Reasons You’re Not Having Sex

Getting hot and heavy soon after giving birth can seem as likely as getting eight full hours of sleep. While some new parents still find time to get busy between the sheets, what's really going on when it comes to postpartum sex?

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How Pregnancy Affects Your Postpartum Exercise Routine

Looser ligaments, a shifting center of gravity and other physical changes that occur with pregnancy will change the way your body responds to exercise. Such changes may cause back pain and other issues if you immediately return to your prior workouts.

Why I Won't Be Eating My Placenta

When I gave birth to my first child, nobody asked what I planned to do with the placenta. If they had, I would have answered, “Why, do you want it for something?” It wouldn’t have occurred to me that someone might sauté her afterbirth with lemon and ginger, blend it into a smoothie or make a blood-on-paper print of it for posterity.

Post-Baby Birth Control Options

Life with a newborn has likely left you feeling less than amorous, with sex a distant memory between nighttime feedings and exhaustion. Eventually, however, your thoughts will turn to re-establishing physical intimacy with your partner. And when that happens, you’ll need to think about something you haven’t had to in a while: birth control.