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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: The Pregnancy Complication I Didn't Expect

I'd never failed a test in my whole life, and the very thought used to give me nightmares at school. That all changed when I was pregnant with my first baby. I failed the one-hour sugar test that screens expectant moms for gestational diabetes. And though I passed the subsequent three-hour version, I failed both of them again later in my pregnancy by just a number or two. It was confirmed, according to my doctor: I had GD.

33 Reasons To Exercise Now

The benefits of moving more during pregnancy begin immediately and last your whole life. Your baby will start reaping the benefits in utero, too. Here’s a laundry list of reasons to start exercising today, along with excuse-busting ways to overcome some common obstacles.

Gestational Diabetes May Affect a Baby's Future Weight

Expecting a girl? Your pregnancy health could determine if she’s overweight later in childhood, according to a new study published in Diabetes Care. The research shows that daughters of women who developed gestational diabetes were more likely to struggle with obesity in adolescence.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Doctors have long struggled to understand why some women develop gestational diabetes and others don’t. Extra weight plays a role, but many slim, otherwise healthy women find their blood glucose inching higher during pregnancy. What else could be going on?

Week 28: Testing Positive for Gestational Diabetes

I’m in the home stretch now. Just about 12 weeks (plus or minus) until I can finally meet my baby boy Finn! The main overriding themes right now are continued low back pain, and being sleepier than I have been.            

How Pregnancy Weight Gain Could Contribute to the Obesity Epidemic

You’ve heard plenty about the childhood obesity epidemic. What you may not know is that moms-to-be are contributing to the problem. When women weigh too much at conception or gain too much during pregnancy, they can set their children on the path to obesity and add to the next generation’s weight struggles.

Real-life Stories: Moms-to-be on Bed Rest

"The ladies I met online while on bed rest were like virtual nurses!”

- Casey Mclendon, Kannapolis, N.C.

When I was six months pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to start testing my blood four times a day, alter my diet and go on medication.

Newborn Screenings

Most moms-to-be have planned everything before baby arrives: The hospital bag has been packed, the baby's nursery is in order and birthing classes have been completed. However, despite their best efforts, those first hours after birth remain a blur for most women.


Besides being an “older” mom, Cecilia Paetsch had no risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM, or high blood sugar during pregnancy). “i thought it was really only a concern for obese women, and my weight wasn’t an issue,” says the 35-year-old attorney from Northbrook, Ill.

The Natural Approach to Good Health

We had some really great replies to last week’s post about bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.  A few readers mentioned they’d had great results getting their personal flora and fauna in order by using probiotics or garlic, cutting out sugar and other non-medicinal methods.  I’ve said it before, but want to be sure and mention it again: It’s normal to have yeast and bacteria in the vagina.