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Baby Names for July Babies

Are you expecting in July and still searching for the perfect baby name? Why not look for a patriotic baby name in celebration of Independence Day?

Baby Names From Our Forefathers

Start with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Also consider the likes of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. For the girls, Betsy Ross and Martha Washington provide some baby name inspiration.

Red, White and Blue Names

Show tribute to our grand old flag with one of these names that means red, white or blue.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Red

Ask The Labor Nurse: Three Gifts for Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day! I believe with all my heart that every mother deserves to be spoiled rotten on this special day. Motherhood is a demanding job right from the start and it stays that way long after they graduate and move out.  We need this holiday to make a bold statement that producing and raising the children of the world deserves to be honored, celebrated and made a great big fuss over. 

Real Moms Talk: What We Really Want For Mother's Day

We asked our Twitter and Facebook fans: What do you really want for Mother's Day? For a lot of our new moms, sleep and a little pampering topped the list!

1.  I would like a full, uninterrupted, no getting up with baby night of ‪sleep! -@kateevon

Winterize Your Pregnancy

Let’s get real: When you’re pregnant in the dead of winter, controlling your weight is no piece of cake, although you’d probably like to eat one—and then another.

Fact is, dreary weather can dampen your will to work out, and the lack of sunlight can toy with your brain chemistry, triggering the blues and even depression, as well as cravings for high-fat and sugary foods. When there’s a bite in the air and a baby in your belly, you’re probably not dying for a spinach salad.

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Winter

Congratulations—you're expecting! Finding the perfect baby name is just one of the hundreds of must-do things of your list before your little one arrives. If your baby is due this winter, get inspired by the season to find the ideal baby name. Start off with the most obvious choice—Winter itself. Winter is a very pretty baby girl name and can be spelled Wynter, if you want something a little different. The winter weather might also provide some baby name inspiration.

Ho, Ho, Holidays

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the catalogs that come in the mail full of holiday scenes and gifts galore. I love how no matter where you go you hear holiday music. And I love having a tree decorated with lights in my living room. When I found out I was expecting in the month of March, I was excited that we would get to celebrate Christmas with my son the same year he was born. What better way to be welcomed into the world than with a whole month’s worth of holiday lights and music?

What Parents Should Do About Valentine’s Day

Just because you’re a parent (or will be soon) doesn’t mean you should toss out the lingerie, slinky dress and plans for a romantic dinner. In fact, even though you’ll soon be shopping for boxes of 28 mini-Valentines with cartoon characters, princesses and puppies on them, sticking to the original sentiment of Valentine’s Day is even more important than ever. Valentine’s Day is for lovers. 

The Santa Question

I’ve been doing an informal survey of how parents deal with the Santa Question:  Is he real?  I was surprised at how sensitive a subject this is.  Some people were adamant that telling kids Santa is real is the same as outright lying. These folks also expressed concern about perpetrating a myth about a strangely dressed man breaking into the house and eating the cookies. They thought that could be potentially disturbing for children, even though he’s bringing in gifts instead of stealing them.  

Flying The Not-So-Friendly Skies

Any person will tell you with great confidence that traveling with small children is no one's No.1 favorite thing to do. But it's a fact of life for many parents—especially when you factor in vacations or grandparents and other family members living out of state. Mix in cramped airline accommodations, delays or cancellations, and we're looking at Disaster City, The New York Times reports.

Holiday Magic

Sitting at a café table with a large steaming cup of coffee in front of her and a baby in her lap, a tired looking young woman was reading The No-Cry Nap Solution.  A stranger standing in line waiting for her own cup of coffee leaned in to coo and catch the baby’s eye.  The young mother stopped her before she spoke to the baby and said in a voice just this side of begging, “Please don’t.  My baby will cry if you talk to her.  She’s just not into strangers.”  The woman in line pulled bac