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There are a few issues I'd like to address here. First off, any doctor who laughs at you should be fired. Period. Now for the next issue: Yes, home birth can be a safe experience as long as you meet certain criteria: You must be in good health and carrying only one baby, with that baby in the vertex (head-down) position; you must have had no previous uterine surgery, such as a Cesarean section; and you must be ready to be an active partner in your labor experience.

Renewed Interest in Home Births

A majority of people in the U.S. think "hospital" when talking about giving birth to a baby. However, home births are gaining in popularity, even in cramped Manhattan, The New York Times reports. A growing number of moms-to-be without medical problems have been choosing to stay in their familiar surroundings of home with the goal of giving birth without any medical interventions (but with a certified nurse midwife on hand for assistance, of course).

Real Life Stories: Home Births

"I was happy to be in my own bed. But let's face it: Birth without drugs sucks." —Mardi Douglass, Seattle