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Miracle Twins Born After Ectopic Pregnancy

Natalie Whitefox has suffered multiple miscarriages. She's also had two ectopic pregnancies and her fallopian tubes completely removed. She had resigned herself to never having more children—but this Christmas was the perfect time for her to celebrate the twins she gave birth to over two years ago—and her story is nothing short of miraculous.

How a Common Gene Problem Leads to Early Miscarriage

It's easy to forget just how amazing it is that our bodies are capable of creating life, especially given how many things—through no fault of our own—can go wrong during pregnancy.

3 Ways Miscarriage Can Make You Stronger

I had five miscarriages before I was eventually able to give birth to my son. After every one, my feelings were slightly different, from the unexpected devastation of the first to the overwhelming mournfulness of my 17 week loss. But having come out the other side of this terrible period in my life, I can look back and see how it's changed me, in many ways for the better. While I would never have wanted to go through it, I believe it has made me a stronger person.

Should Doctors Wait to Diagnose Miscarriage?

When pregnant women go for their first ultrasound, it is usually a time of joy. But for some, an early ultrasound can lead to uncertainty about their pregnancy and requires a followup. Waiting to find out if you're going to have a miscarriage can be brutal, but it's crucial that doctors get it right so they don't misdiagnose a pregnancy that's actually viable—a rare occurrence, but something that shouldn't happen at all.

Phthalates in Cosmetics Linked to Miscarriage

It can be hard to figure out what's really harmful during pregnancy. You may have heard not to microwave food in plastic containers—but is that an urban legend or it is good advice? Turns out, you might want to switch to glass after all.

Dad Pregnancy Reveal Ends in Miscarriage

By now you've probably seen the most unconventional pregnancy reveal in the history of viral videos. Sam, who, along with his wife Nia, hosts a much buzzed about vlogging series online, surprised her with the news she was pregnant.

5 Miscarriage Questions You're Afraid to Ask

When those two lines on your positive pregnancy test appear, your mind fills with questions. Will I experience morning sickness? Am I carrying a boy or a girl? Will the baby look just like me? But, for some, questions about the health of your child start creeping in and the possibility of losing your baby to miscarriage can become a real concern.

How Risky is Having a D&C After Miscarriage?

Having a miscarriage is a physically challenging and emotionally heartbreaking experience for any woman. Sometimes, it requires surgery, which can add further stress to an already upsetting situation. And, until recently, the dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure was probably considered the most effective means of completing the miscarriage.

Worried About Miscarriage? Read This

A positive pregnancy test sends a whoosh of excitement through your body. You start thinking, Will it be a boy or a girl? Which one of us will it look like? But then worry starts creeping in: What if something goes wrong and I have a miscarriage? Thankfully, there’s not as much to angst over as you might expect.

Can a Blood Test Predict Miscarriage?

New research suggests that a simple blood test may reveal a woman’s risk of miscarriage—an important first step in prevention.