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Natural Birth

4 Ways to Up Your Chances of a Natural Birth

Aiming for an un-medicated or low-intervention labor and birth? You might want to stay home from the hospital as long as possible, especially if this is your first baby. That’s because the best strategies for achieving a “natural” labor—movement, hot water, deep relaxation and patience—are often easier to put into action at home than in the hospital.

These Post-Birth Selfies are Making Our Day

When new moms post pictures of their newborn on Facebook, you don't always see the mother herself. It's usually just the little waterlogged wee one, swaddled in a striped hospital blankie, freshly eye-dropped eyes squinting at this strange new world. The mom stays out of the picture – maybe she thinks she looks too exhausted, too disheveled, too still-pregnant, not glam enough for social media.

Are Hospital Births Becoming More Home-Like?

Deciding between a home birth and a hospital birth is no easy decision: while hospitals might be safer for some women, there’s no place like home. Fortunately, a few hospitals are finding middle ground and taking a few pages from the home birth manual, which could help provide the best of both worlds.

Water Birth Safety: The FYI Every Pregnant Mama Should Read

While women have been giving birth in tubs for forever, water births have gained popularity in the last 30 years, even in hospitals, as women all over the world realize the benefits: Water reduces stress, relieves pain, and may help uterine muscles contract more efficiently. Besides, what’s not to love about a warm bath?

When Your OB-GYN is MIA on Your Delivery Day

As a mom-to-be, you probably interviewed OB-GYNs until you found the perfect fit. But what if you need emergency care or your OB-GYN isn’t available on delivery day? Enter the laborist.

Take Control of Your Birth Experience

Women who see themselves as active participants in childbirth and seek a collaborative role with their health care providers are likely to prefer a home birth and a midwife’s care, according to a survey of women 18 to 40 who haven’t yet had a baby.

How to Prepare for Birth: 8 Tips from a Doula

As we grow these little tiny beings in our bodies, we are always thinking about the big day when he/she will come out. "How will I be able to handle the pain?" we ask ourselves. "What can I do to prepare?" The truth of the matter is, there is a lot of pain, suffering and “uncomfortableness” around pregnancy, and leading up to the big day. If we condition ourselves to be “comfortable” with what we go through during pregnancy, we will have a solid foundation going into birth.

Here are eight ways you can prepare yourself and your body for a smooth labor and easier birth.

Lamaze 101

In today’s maternity care system, the care you receive may not always be based on current evidence, but may instead rely on outdated and potentially harmful practices. Unless you’re informed, you could miss out on options that can actually increase your chance of a safe and healthy birth. 

Ask The Labor Nurse: Why Home Births Can Be Safe

Last weekend I hung out with a student just beginning her journey through nursing school.  She’s planning on working in labor and delivery when she graduates and had a few questions.  Not surprisingly, her questions are ones I’m asked a lot.

How Kate Middleton is Prepping for Natural Childbirth

The eagerly-awaited royal baby is due any day now!

While the world awaits the debut of the highly-anticipated babe, the mum-to-be is rumored to be preparing for the big day with private prenatal yoga classes.

Prenatal yoga is a great way for pregnant ladies to stay active during pregnancy and prepare for baby!