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Newborn Baby

It's a Girl! Pro Tips for Creating a Pretty Nursery

Rosie Pope enlisted the help of designer Vanessa Antonelli to create the perfect nursery for her 2-month-old daughter Bridget Monroe. Vanessa created a feminine, functional space in Pope's home. Here, their tips that help you do the same. 

Create a Bright and Sunny Nursery for Your Baby

Get the Look: Safari Chic Nursery Ideas

Nesting Trends: Cute Nursery Ideas From Celebrity Moms

Danielle and Kevin Jonas: Who Does Their Daughter Look Like?

It’s been Jonas-mania ever since Danielle and Kevin announced they had a baby on board back in July.

Ease Baby's Cold and Sneezes

Just like us humans, cold viruses are indoors this time of year instead of chilling outside, so they get lots of opportunities to infect us. Infants are especially susceptible to the common cold because they haven’t developed resistance to most of the viruses that cause them. That’s why the most recommended cold-prevention strategy—washing hands frequently—is especially important for anyone handling your baby, says Kenneth E. Katz, M.D., a pediatrician in Littleton, Colo.

Sweet Songs for Baby

Why We Shouldn’t Lie About New Motherhood

Just the headline of Jody Pelatson’s piece for the Atlantic was enough to give me chills: “Before I Forget: What Nobody Remembers About New Motherhood.” In this essay, Pelatson recounts one those universally frustrating experiences of new motherhood—when, in a frazzled, sleep-deprived moment, some older woman says to you (meaning well, of course) “You must be on cloud 9,” or else, “Enjoy every moment!”

It's OK If You Can't Breastfeed

Suzanne Barston, the author of Bottled Up: How The Way We Feed Babies Had Come To Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn’t , tried everything she could to give her newborn breastmilk.

How to Burp Your Baby

Learning to burp your baby is a big part of the early feeding process. Babies swallow air during feedings (especially with bottles), and too much air in their little tummies can lead to crankiness, gassiness and surprise spit-ups.

Keeping your baby upright for 10 minutes after a feeding can help keep what’s in her stomach from coming back up and, when burping, one to five light pats should do the trick. Here’s what else a new mom (or dad) needs to know: