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Newborn Baby

Watch for Signs of Hearing Loss

Q: My baby had a hearing test before she left the hospital, but now that she’s a few months old, I’m concerned she’s not hearing properly. What should I do?


If you have any doubts about your baby or toddler’s hearing, talk to your doctor and get a thorough evaluation by a specialist as soon as possible. Hearing impairment can have a significant impact on your child’s development, and if there is a problem, you want to catch it early.

Newborn Screenings

Most moms-to-be have planned everything before baby arrives: The hospital bag has been packed, the baby's nursery is in order and birthing classes have been completed. However, despite their best efforts, those first hours after birth remain a blur for most women.

Picture Perfect: Tips for Newborn Photography

If you don’t have bucks to burn on a professional photographer for that perfect baby announcement photo, don’t stress. Follow these tips from photographer Ted Catanzaro of Los Angeles-based Ted & Debbie to best capture your cutie:

Avoid using flash: Create soft, filtered light by hanging a sheer curtain in front of a window or lamp.

Get up close and personal: 
Capture close-ups of your baby’s toes, hands and face.

How to Bathe a Newborn

With the right gear and these expert tips, you can bathe your baby with ease.  These tub-time essentials make a splash. You may also find this newborn advice helpful: • How to Calm a Colicky Baby

Your Baby at 6 Weeks

The first six weeks can be a real trial. Hold on to the thought that right around that six-week mark you will be rewarded with one of the most gratifying milestones in your entire parental career--your baby will beam a genuine smile at you. Yes! Your baby can now track objects with his eyes, and can be put on his tummy several times a day for short periods of time.

Your Baby at 5 Weeks

Even at this young age, your newborn can recognize voices and focus on your face or a toy if it is close to his face.  He is learning to track objects with his eyes.

Your Baby at 2 Months

In your baby's second month, he'll flash his first intentional smile.  His movements become more voluntary and less jerky, and your baby gains control of his neck. He also starts batting and kicking at toys.

Newborn Safety Rules And Why They Apply To Everyone

Every now and then we hear a news story about a baby that’s kidnapped from a maternity ward. It’s rare, it’s terrifying and it freaks parents and hospital staff out. What happens more frequently is when non-custodial parents or parents who aren’t allowed to take their baby home from the hospital (because of criminal activities or because they’ve lost parenting rights) try to sneak their baby out of the hospital. It’s because of these rare events that hospitals have tight newborn security policies.

How can I get some privacy?


You have a free pass to be a terrible hostess for the first few months after your baby is born. Have your husband firmly explain to his parents that you are exhausted from staying up all night; they’re welcome to visit from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., or whenever your patience is at its peak, but after that, you’re going to crash. At 5:01, yawn, mumble something about leaky breasts (that usually gets the men to skedaddle) and head off to your bedroom with the baby. If they insist on staying, your hubby can say, “Great! We haven’t had a chance to do a thing around the house.

Sex With Baby in the Room


Is it terrible? No. Will you be the first couple to have sex with a baby asleep in the room? Definitely not. The fact is babies (especially newborns) can sleep through anything, including the sounds of sex. But if the idea bothers you, try to be quiet and quick (this means lots of foreplay) or change your location. Experiment with having sex in other places in your home (kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc.).