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Drinking While Pregnant Is Never Safe

We’ve all seen the Surgeon General’s warning: Pregnant women should not drink. But many moms-to-be (about 1 in 13) still do—whether it's having an occasional celebratory glass of wine, a regular nightcap or a more serious struggle with alcohol addiction. And despite what you might have heard, new research suggests that all of these scenarios can harm your baby.

Gestational Diabetes May Affect a Baby's Future Weight

Expecting a girl? Your pregnancy health could determine if she’s overweight later in childhood, according to a new study published in Diabetes Care. The research shows that daughters of women who developed gestational diabetes were more likely to struggle with obesity in adolescence.

Alert! Huge Baby Wipes Recall

If you’ve recently purchased baby wipes, check the label, stat. Nutek Disposables, Inc. has released a nationwide voluntary product recall of baby wipes due to possible bacterial contamination. The brands affected include Cuties,, Femtex, Fred's, Kidgets, Members Mark, Simply Right, Sunny Smiles, Tender Touch and Well Beginnings. The wipes were sold at retailers including, Family Dollar, Fred's and Sam's Club.

Your C-Section Odds, State by State

Whether you have a cesarean delivery may have less to do with your health and preferences and more to do with your zip code. The likelihood of an American woman having a C-section in 2009 and 2010 varied tenfold depending on her state, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS Medicine.

Vitamin D May Make Childbirth Less Painful

The best way to relieve pain during childbirth may start with the sun. Pregnant women that had low levels of Vitamin D had more painful labors, according to a new study released by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Pregnant? Don't Miss This Epidural News

Whether a mom-to-be wants a natural childbirth or the option of pain relief, allowing her to choose what’s right for her is always the way to go. So, it's good news that a new report says that women in labor don't have to wait for an epidural if they want one.

Should You Find Out Your Baby's Sex?

Learning your baby’s sex might predict more than just a pink or blue nursery. It might say something about what kind of parent you’ll be, at least that's what a study published in Personality and Individual Differences suggests.

Zoe Saldana Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—Sort Of

Unless you’ve sworn off Facebook the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen quite a few videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Celebs like Britney Spears, Kerry Washington, and Hayden Panettiere (who confirmed her pregnancy in her video!) have drenched themselves in freezing water to raise awareness of the disease.

Can Morning Sickness Make Your Baby Smarter?!

It may not be the prettiest part of pregnancy, but all that rushing to the closest trash can to throw up, thanks to the good ol' morning sickness, is actually good for your baby. Yes! Nausea and vomiting means fewer miscarriages and birth defects, along with smarter kids.